You have actually a favorite candle that you’d prefer to light, but you can’t discover your lighter or it’s out of fuel. Never are afraid, all is not lost. There are a number of various means that you deserve to light a candle without a lighter. Here are five different means to light a candle without a lighter, from most basic to hardest:


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If you don’t have an electronic lighter, matches are the the majority of conventional and also simplest alternative to them. While not as convenient as an digital lighter, they are still pretty easy to usage and also light candles conveniently, specifically new candles wbelow the wick hasn’t burned dvery own too much. Matches are also incredibly extensively accessible and also have the right to be picked up at practically eexceptionally grocery keep whenever you’re out running errands. If the candle has burned dvery own incredibly much, it deserve to be a little bit tricky to light through a complement, especially if you can’t fit your hand also right into the container. If your candle has actually burned down also far to use a match, or you don’t have matches on hand, you can attempt one of the various other alternatives on this list.

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Heating Elements

If you don’t have actually matches, the following ideal point is to usage the heating aspects in your home. The most convenient thing will be to use a oven burner, however you might likewise usage your stove, toaster or area heater. Turn on the burner and also wait until it gets red. Then touch a long, skinny candle to it–a taper is finest. The wick have to capture fire automatically, and also then you can usage the long, skinny candle to light all the various other candles in your house. If you don’t have actually a taper candle that you can usage, you have the right to use a item of dry spaghetti, but you should be exceptionally cautious as it will certainly catch fire quickly, creating a maketransition complement. You can additionally usage a cotton swab, but the additional length of the spaghetti strand also will certainly provide you even more time to light other candles before the flame gets too cshed to your hand also.


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Battery and also Foil

If neither matches nor heating elements are an option—for instance, you have a power outage and also therefore none of your appliances work—tbelow is an additional option: a battery and aluminum foil. Be certain to use caution with this method, as you have the right to actually start a fire if you’re not careful. For the battery, you deserve to use an AAA, AA, C or D battery, depending on what you have actually at the house. Cut a ¾-inch sexpedition of aluminum foil about twice as long as the battery and then fold it in half and also pinch the middle. Match up one finish of the spilgrimage to one finish of the battery. The existing will take a trip through the aluminum sexpedition, instantly heating it up. Take the middle of the strip (the component that you pinched) and touch it to the candle wick. It need to be warm enough to light the wick exceptionally easily. Remove the foil and also battery as quickly as the wick lights.

Magnifying Lens

This technique is a small tricky, however it deserve to work if you’re external or have many herbal light. You can use a magnifying glass to emphasis the light on a curl of paper till it catches fire. If you’re having trouble, readjust the angle of the lens until you see a bideal spot of light on the paper. It might take a while to acquire the ideal angle, and also you might need to organize the light on the paper for a minute till it heats up sufficient to capture fire. Make certain to extinguish the paper after you light the candle to protect against accidentally starting a fire.


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Anvarious other strategy that you have the right to use to light a candle while you’re exterior entails flint. If you strike the flint against something steel that consists of iron, it will certainly develop a spark. If you put some paper in a fireproof cup, you can light the paper and also then usage that to light the candle. Aobtain, make certain you put out the fire once you’re done lighting the candle so that you don’t accidentally begin a larger fire.

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Follow these five strategies (through caution) if you’re looking to light a candle without a lighter. If all else fails, you deserve to make your residence smell great without having to light a candle. You deserve to plug in an electric aroma diffuser, or if you don’t desire to usage power, put up a reed diffuser that will passively spreview fragrance 24/7.