If you find yourself freezing at night and also not certain exactly how to solve it, save reading!

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How To Light A Campfire

As the sun goes dvery own you might notification a snowflake in the bottom best corner, this suggests you"re obtaining chilly!

You might likewise check out a stomach body organ, it"s time to obtain somepoint to eat.

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Remember, we"re in prehistorical times so we can not just rotate the heating on or gain food shipment.

It"s time to survive!

To fight the lower temperatures and a rumbling belly, you"ll want to make a campfire.

You"ll need:

12x Thatch1x Flint16x Stone2x Wood

Once you have actually all the required resources, craft the campfire and places it on your hotbar.

Now press whichever before number correlates through the slot the fire is in.

You need to have the ability to place it on the ground.

Now you"ll should open the iventory to add fuel using 

Next off, to light it, you’re going to should place some sort of fuel in the inventory.

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Do so through E (keyboard), Y (Xbox One), or Triangle (PS4).

Light it and voila, you have a fire to store warmth, prepare and also light up your base!


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