Pretty much everyone who’s played Dark Souls 3 has actually had actually these concerns running with their brain. And considering that Dark Souls doesn’t make a halittle of teaching players how to execute points, we’ve put together a short overview on just how to kick in ds3.

In this post, you’ll learn:

How to kick in Dark Souls 3 (for Xbox and also Ps4)The best times to use kicks in combat How to gain your kicks to deal more damage (this will blow your mind)

Here’s just how to kick in Dark Souls 3

On Xbox, you’ll push forward on the left stick and then, almost automatically after, press the ideal bumper (the conventional button for light attacks).

On PS4, you’ll press the left stick forward and also then, almost immediately after, press the L1 switch.

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Your character will certainly then kick forward through his or her right leg, assuming you have a weapon equipped that enables kicking (the majority of weapons do).

A few tips for kicking even more properly in Dark Souls 3:

You’ll need to be standing pretty close to your adversary. It’s a lot less complicated to successfully land a kick if you’re locked on to your taracquire. It’s takes a few reps to gain the timing dvery own with a Dark Souls 3 kick. So you can want to practice on weaker adversaries prior to trying it on a high damage adversary.

When to use a kick in ds3

Dark Souls 3 kicks don’t deal any kind of damage (unless you’re wearing the Armor of Thorns), but they’re advantageous for two main reasons.

1. Kicks relocate your targain, allowing you to...oh, I don’t understand...knock enemies off a cliff!

When an opponent hides behind a shield, incoming strikes deal what is frequently referred to as “stamina damage.” While this doesn’t affect the enemy’s health and wellness bar, once their toughness reaches zero, their guard will be “damaged,” leaving them breakable to a riposte. (Ripostes are type of choose backstabs — to land one, you need to be squared up through your enemy. So don’t intend to get one eexceptionally time.)

Dark Souls 3 Kicks are specially designed to deal high amounts of stamina damages (considerably more than a lot of weapons) which renders them effective against enemies that hide behind their shields. Remember this if you’re in a PVP fight versus an opponent that likes to turtle!

It’s worth noting that stronger opponents won’t always be staggered by one kick. In some cases, chaining multiple kicks deserve to cause a stagger, yet unmuch less your opponent is really hunkered dvery own, you’ll normally have much better options than kaprice. And you more than likely won’t desire to use a kick in a boss fight.

How to gain your kicks to deal more damage

Surprisingly, the toughness damages of a Dark Souls 3 kick is based on just how upgraded of a weapon you’re holding.

So, for example, if you kick a Lothric knight while holding a dagger +9, you’ll break his shield in one swarm.

But, if you try kicking with a weapon that isn’t upgraded (also a greatsword), you’ll need multiple kicks to stagger the knight.

This is also true in player vs player (PVP) combat.

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(Credit for this guideline goes to D2Synua.)

Oddly sufficient, the additional toughness damage from an upgraded weapon will only apply if the weapon is equipped in your best hand also (or if you’re 2 handing).

Go kick some stuff!

Now you understand how to kick in Dark Souls 3. For extra tips, consisting of exactly how to parry, exactly how to jump, and more, be sure to examine out our various other Dark Souls 3 posts.