I developed a small residence in Sanctuary and also eexceptionally time I come house from my travels at all hrs of the morning tright here are inhabitants lounging on my furniture behind a closed door. Is there any kind of way to keep them out? It irks me that they're hanging roughly inside with my stuff that I have actually stored, because they've currently prrange they're going to steal my power armor and materials from the workbenches.

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I've given them all conveniently obtainable beds because I thought that would certainly help them leave my home alone. Is tbelow anything else I could try?


Set rapid take a trip right into the residence straight. Don't put a door and also go out through the roof via stairs. Pain in the ass but it's what I do.

Tbelow are a couple of points you have the right to attempt here.

Provide enough easily accessible seating for your inhabitants closer to their occupational location, and hopefully they will prioritise them over your personal furniture.

Go to construct mode and save your bed in the workbench. After a couple of secs the freeloading squatter will assign himself an additional bed (assuming tbelow are enough), then simply put yours earlier and also it will certainly be unassigned.

Always take your fusion cores out of your PA, then the settlers won't commandeer them.

extra to that: make sure that points prefer beds and workbenches can't be triggered from the outside of the house. I also locked the doors via console (lock 1). I also check out that Settlers won't notification doors once their line of sight is blocked. But I haven't tried that out yet.

I'll try structure a little patio for them beside wbelow I have actually their beds, because the open-air sector I built seems to be a bust in regards to seating (1 picnic table, 3 tables w/ umbrellas, 12 chairs; only Curie offers it). Thanks for the tip!

I have a picket fence with no gate about my house in Sanctuary. I put those little bit measures on either side to make crossing less complicated. That method I can still have a functioning house I have the right to get in and also out of without Preston knocking over my perfectly lhelp taBLE EVERY TIME GODDAMIT.

I've watched a male usage "open" doors to soptimal them. Place a door, open up it, then area it like that in the position you desire it in. They can't route or activate with doors that are in the "open" position.

The picket fence concept sounds favor it would certainly work. I developed my home via the entrance on the second floor, and I have to jump a gap in between the last and the entrance to obtain into it.

Make it so you need to jump into the front door, also make sure their spawn allude isn't inside the house.

The only means to do it that I deserve to discover that doesn't involve structure unrealistic housings is to offer them no reason to go there.

Asauthorize beds. They will sleep in the assigned bed at night.

Assign work. They will certainly work-related the work in the time of the day.

Build a bar. They will hang out near the bar after work but before bed. Make certain it's not by your residence.

That covers the majority of of a settlers life.

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that bastard was the initially and also only one to high jack my power armor off the station. I brought him in, offered him a nuka-cola, a project, aided him clean up. well, luckily, I had the ability to chew him out and tell him to get out of "his" power armor. currently I take the fusion cores out when I'm not utilizing it.


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