To install a utility sink in your laundry room you need to know just how to install a energy sink beside the washer. By following some basic measures you can install your sink alongside the washer.In a really brief time, you can finish the job by yourself.

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How To Install A Utility Sink Next off To Washer – Easy Tip You Need To Know

You might think it is difficult to install a utility sink beside the washer. Do you know?By complying with some straightforward measures, you have the right to install a utility sink alongside the washer by yourself. Follow the provided step-by-step proves and also install your energy sink.Necessary Tools That You NeedBefore installing a energy sink next to the washer, you have to collect some important tools that will be required during the job.PVC Y-fittingPVC hand sawDe-burrer or small item of sandpaperTwo brass pipe splittersWrenchPliersThreading tool (optional)Plumber’s glueHot and also cold flexible tubingMeasuring stickAfter collecting all the ingredients, you can begin your installation procedure.

Tip 1: Turn Off The Water Supply Line

Before installing the sink, you have to make certain that you have actually turned off the main water supply.If you do not rotate off the water supply line, then water will spcheck out everywhere the kitchen location. 

Step 2: Measuring For Drain

Measure how far the drainpipe pipe connection is from the ground. Locate your existing washer’s drain line, especially wright here it goes down into the floor or wall.Take the same measurement of the utility sinks drain line and also make a note on your washer drainpipe line.In this area, you will certainly collection the new Y-fitting that will separate the washer’s drain from the utility sink’s drain in the next step.

Step 3: Cutting and also smoothing drainpipe

The mark you have made, reduced the existing drainpipe pipe from the note to everywhere on the venting pipe that connects above it. You also must reduced the horizontal T-fitting from where the washer turns downward towards the exit drainpipe.Now it is time to smooth out the insides of the pipe where you cut it. Use a tool or item of sandpaper to deburr or smooth the pipeline.

You need to make sure that tbelow are no rough or unalso edges as soon as you attach pipes in the following action.

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Step 4: Attaching Y-fitting And Adding Laundry Sink

Take the PVC Y-fitting and also affix it to the existing drain pipe. Attach one arm of the Y to the horizontal circulation of wbelow your washer drainpipe exists. Fix the peak of the Y-fitting to the venting pipe above.And the other arm of the Y-fitting will attach to a pipe that runs from your utility sink drainpipe.Fix them tightly, utilizing plumbers putty or glue. Make certain that all are waterproof and also secure. 

Tip 5: Locating Water Sources

Now it is time to find the hot and also cold water pipe relationships near your washer. These run to a single fitting on the water pipe. Disaffix the water pipe at the suggest on each of the warm and also cold hookups.If you fail to attach the fitting and also the dimension of the pipe is longer than important then you have to reduced the pipe. Place a bucket so that water drops perform not fall onto the floor.Cut the pipe in the midway between the washer and energy sink. If you have to sew the pipe at this allude, then execute it utilizing the threading tool. 

Tip 6: Adding Pipe Splitter

Screw the splitter onto the major water pipe using a two-headed brass pipe splitter. You must make sure that the seal is finish and you screw this one tightly.To make certain the connection is secure, usage a wrench. Now the splitter will separate the water supply from the warm and cold pipes.One line of the pipe will go to your washer and also one will certainly go to your sink. Make certain that you affix the splitter to both the hot and cold water pipes. Reconnect the washer through the existing pipes, after securing the splitter onto the hot and also cold water lines. 

Tip 7: Connect Hoses

Connect the functional tubing from the pipe splitter to the sink’s hot and cold lines. Adjust a red tube for hot water and a blue tube for cold water. Make sure that you hoot these approximately the correct pipe. Using a nut, tight these connections. 

Final Verdict

We hope that you have your answer on how to install a energy sink alongside the washer. It is straightforward and also simple if you have the right to follow the step-by-step process.After completing the task, rotate on the primary water supply. Check for leaks and make sure water runs smoothly and quickly.