Transfer files

Transfer papers – SD cardFrom any type of Home display, tap Apps.TapMy Files.TapDevice storage.Navigate inside your gadget storage to the papers you desire to move to your exterior SD card.TapMORE, then tapEdit.Place a check beside the documents you wish to move.TapMORE, then tapMove.TapSD memory card.Navigate inside your outside memory card to wright here you desire to relocate the files or folders.TapMove to.To copy the file, tapPaste here.Transfer records – PCUsing the USB cable that came with your phone, attach the phone to the computer system.If necessary, on the phone touch theStatusbar, drag dvery own to open up theNotificationdisplay, tapUSB connected, then tapUSB for ...

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notification.On your computer, Windows Autoplay will certainly connect to the device. ClickOpen folder to see files>OKas soon as the prompt shows up. Other move choices may appear depending on what software program you have actually on the computer system, such as Samsung Kies, Microsoft apps, and so on.When the Removable Disk home window appears, clickOpen folder to watch files>OK. Multiple file folders (which are on your phone) will appear:One folder has documents conserved in your phone memory.One folder has actually files conserved on your SD card.Locate the folder that includes documents saved on your SD card and click to open up it.Perdevelop among the following:Move papers from computer to SD cardLocate the records you desire to relocate from your computer.Cut/copy and paste the desired file(s) from your computer system to your SD card. You deserve to likewise drag and drop items.Move files from SD card to computer:Before beginning, note that it may be beneficial to produce a folder on the computer for which to save the papers you move from the SD card.Locate the files you desire to relocate in the SD card folder.Cut/copy and paste the preferred file(s) from your SD card to your computer system.

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You deserve to also drag and also drop items.When done, safely disaffix your phone from the computer (such as tapping theDisattach from PCalternative on the phone).

Style SD card

From a Home display, tap Apps.Tap Settings.Under "System", tap Storage.Tap Format SD card and also follow the prompts.

Insert / rerelocate SD card


Open the memory card slot cover and rotate to disclose the slot.With the gold contacts facing dvery own, closely slide the memory card into the slot, pushing gently until it clicks right into location.