The Hive

The Hive is a tiny location that have the right to be accessed by breaking a mystery wall at the entrance to Kingdom’s Edge. This is an optional location yet does incorporate a Grub, Mask Sdifficult and cdamage. The map for The Hive is found through Cornifer in Kingdom’s Edge yet the area is greatly linear so it’s almost impossible to get shed.

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Head all the method throughout to the left, down and also then all the way to the ideal to uncover a Bench suspended in bee’s wax. Break the wax to let the Bench autumn so you deserve to use it.

Run all the method to the appropriate and also up on one of the ledges you’ll find a Whispering Root tree which provides 20 Essence. Head up and to the left until you reach a large cavern. If you continue to the left you have the right to break open up an additional departure to the Kingdom’s Edge.

At the optimal of the large cavern if you head left you’ll uncover a few Geo Clusters. To the best if you stay in the direction of the peak of the cavern you’ll find the only Grub in this location. To reach it you’ll need to super dash off the best wall and then use the Monarch Wings to reach the entrance of the passage above.


At the bottom of this cavern, inside the wall to the left, you’ll spot a Mask Shard. The wall deserve to only be damaged by a Hive Guardian, the largest of the bees. Lure it close to the left side so that it charges right into and also smashes the wall. You have the right to now jump in to pick up the sdifficult. To the left is a shortcut via the caverns. Head to the right for the boss fight.

Hive Knight


The Hive Knight is a hard boss through 800 wellness and also was designed for mid-level personalities. He has largely ground assaults so be ready to jump over him as soon as he slashes his spear or dashes forwards. The Hive Knight has a few various strikes. He will lunge with his spear, teleport and also slash or leap into the air. He additionally could use a beenade wbelow he shoots out 3 balls that each shoot out 8 spikes or the bee cannon wbelow bees will fly out of his mouth in the direction of the roof and then ago towards the ground.

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Once the Bee Knight has actually taken around 15 hits he will certainly stagger, giving you a chance to heal up, hit him aacquire or usage the dream nail to gather spirit. Once the Bee Knight has been beat head about to the ideal to collect your reward, the Hiveblood cdamage that slowly heals you over time.