The Abyss

From the Old Container head dvery own to the door to The Abyss. If you have the King’s Brand from Kingdom’s Edge the door will open for you. If you desire the Lifeblood Core cdamage make certain you speak at the Bench over the Abyss and also use the Lifeblood Heart and Joni’s Blessing to get 15 Lifeblood Hearts.

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Drop dvery own around one third of the way dvery own the Abyss and then jump throughout to the left wall. You should drop dvery own to the Lifeblood door entrance.


Make your way via the spiked cavern until you reach the ledge wbelow you have the right to drop off either to the left or the appropriate.


To the left you’ll find an Old Egg that you can market to Lemm for 1200 Geo. To the ideal is the Lifeblood Core cdamage that adds 4 Lifeblood Hearts to your wellness. When you pick up the Lifeblood Core you’ll end up back at the Lifeblood Gate.

Drop dvery own to the bottom of the Abyss. To the left is a podium where you have the right to obtain the Abyss Shriek. You’ll should have actually the Howling Wraiths ability from the Fog Canyon initially. Stand also on the podium and actors the Howling Wraiths spell to upgrade it to the Abyss Shriek.

To the appropriate is a lighthouse and also a lake. You wont’ have the ability to make it across the lake without turning on the light in the lighthome initially. Make your way up the lightresidence, killing the Siblings alengthy the means. Go into the lightresidence and also hit the lever to rotate on the light. You have the right to now drop dvery own and also super dash throughout the lake. Continue to the best and stand in the fountain to get the Shade Cloak.


Head ago to the left and also dash past the Void Tendrils to find an Ancient Egg. Climb ago up the Abyss and Hornet will be waiting for you at the top via a message.

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Now that you have the Shade Cloak you have the right to reach some areas that were previously inobtainable. You deserve to go ago and also fight Markoth in Kingdom’s Edge and also pick up the Sharp Shadow charm in Deepswarm.