With the introduction of the Taken King, the max level has been boosted to lvl 40 and the initially point players want to recognize is just how they can level up fast. While reaching the level cap easily doesn’t really offer you many kind of benefits in terms of content ideal now (the raid hasn’t arrived yet) it will certainly allow you to equip the game’s best gear.

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Unfortunately there is no loot cave for leveling in the Taken King, yet tright here are some approaches we discovered to be quicker than others if all you want to execute is reach the cap. Methods are ordered from the most effective to the leastern.

Pre – Taken King Bounties

If you’re among the many type of who planned ahead and completed bounties yet didn’t turn them in, you’ll be one action ahead of the rest of us. Bounties completed prior to the expansion’s launch have the right to be turned in thereafter for an immediate blast of suffer.

Couple this with a Red Bull code for 50% bonus endure and it is feasible to hit lvl 39/ 40 in one turn in.


Story Missions

You’re going to be doing them anyways and they give a surprisingly large amount of experience, about a quarter of a bar for one mission. Just make sure you have your bounty objectives complete prior to you go out. Many of the Vanguard one’s deserve to be completed on story goals by making use of particular weapons to acquire certain kills and also by killing a details kind of opponent.

The story has actually you going everywhere the solar device so possibilities are you’ll run into what you must complete it.

Red Bull Code

Not really one to endorse buying a product just to obtain a reward in game yet the Red Bull 50% bonus for endure is a tough one to pass up.

Just look for specially noted cans of Red Bull and also then enter their code for a 50% bonus to ALL endure gains for half an hour. The all indicates eincredibly bounty turned in, enemy killed, every little thing.

The Crucible

While not as reliable as the story objectives it’s a great place to go when you’re done them if you still haven’t got to 40 yet. Bounties are the genuine goal of Crucible suffer, and also via the introduction of brand-new “easier” to complete bounties, it shouldn’t take you long to have actually 8 of them all set to rotate in.


Firegroups not only make your game time even more enjoyable, they make it faster and even more efficient. If you’ve obtained some friends playing the expansion at the very same time group up and take it on as a team.

Some bounties actually need a fireteam to complete, so if you occur to view any of those at the bounty bot you’ll be all collection.


They’ve been stated in the sections above because they are constantly somepoint you must have running in the background no issue what you’re doing. You deserve to host 16 of them now, platy of room to gain the days worth of crucible and vanguard bounties in tright here at when.

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Killing Enemies

Not the a lot of efficient method by ay implies, but some of the higher-level challenging adversaries can market a good amount of endure as soon as downed. Taken Champions in the Taken Assault quests can be specifically fruitful.