Kaer Morhen, translating to Keep of the Elder Sea, is the area wright here old witchers were trained and also mutated prior to it was attacked.

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As hatred roughly witchers grew, a group of fanatics assaulted Kaer Morhen and also eliminated a lot of of the teachers and students.

This occurrence caused making Geralt of Rivia one of the last witchers alive. The keep continued to be empty except a couple of witchers who passed by whenever before they could. The only permanent resident was Vesemir, the last teacher left alive in the keep.

Given all the history that Kaer Morhen possesses and also the importance it holds in Geralt’s previous, it’s just organic that you’d want to visit the location as shortly as you begin the game. But, unfortunately, you may need to wait prior to that’s feasible.

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Reaching Kaer Morhen


If we’re taking things a little literally, you actually start the game in Kaer Morhen as Geralt takes a nice, warm bath and also inevitably proceeds to complete the tutorial by training via Ciri. However, you have no control over the progression and also will be kicked right out of Kaer Morhen as the tutorial ends.

The way the game works, you won’t be able to visit Kaer Morhen aobtain till the major plot takes you tright here. Geralt will need to continue to Velen, Skellige, and also Novigrad. You’ll need to complete the main search called “In Ciri’s Footsteps” which will certainly result in “Ugly Baby”, the search that’ll obtain you to Kaer Morhen.

Unfortunately, if you’re reasoning around speedrunning with all the quests to reach Kaer Morhen, that won’t really be feasible. Getting to “Ugly Baby” will take a fair little bit of time specifically if you’re completing the side pursuits concurrently.

Revisiting Kaer Morhen After ‘Ugly Baby’


Once you complete the initial mission and Kaer Morhen is unlocked, its pretty simple to go back to the region. You can’t really ride to the location, you’ll need to fast travel. The procedure is the exact same as quick traveling to any region. You simply have to go to the nearemainder signwrite-up and discover Kaer Morhen on the human being map and also travel to it.

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That’s pretty much all we had actually to cover in this blog. Getting to Kaer Morhen is straightforward, however you simply need to be patient and also wait for the right time. For even more guides and also tutorials on the Witcher 3, check out our blog to unveil the plenty of secrets this game has to market.