You can discover the Eye of Azshara dungeon entrance within Azsuna, The Broken Isles.The works with are (61.3, 41.1)



To activate Lady Hatecoil (boss 2) kill a Hatecoil Arcanist within among the blue patches. To activate last boss Wrath of Azshara kill all 4 adds that are channeling to him. The mobs to kill are marked on maps as * icons.

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Popular Shortcuts:

If you are taking the left way round (that heads in the direction of boss Lady Hatecoil) then you can skip a lot of trash packs on the way to first boss Warlord Parjesh.


Instead of taking the primary pathmeans from the portal go alengthy the left side and hug the wall. You will just have to kill a few trash packs on the way to the first boss.

Shortcut 2:

If you are taking the ideal means round (that heads in the direction of boss King Deepbeard) then you have the right to skip some of the trash packs prior to the Cove entrance.


After killing first boss Warlord Parjesh go alengthy the major pathmeans and also hug the right side wall, then simply before entering Deepbeard’s Cove hug the left side wall to stop the last trash load opposite.


1. Warlord Parjesh

Copy/Paste Macro:/i Charges forward hitting all in method. Throws an Impaling Spear at a player (red arrow on ground) dameras, knocks ago & leaves dot. Boss calls Hatecoil adds, interrupt their Bellowing Roar & Lightning Strike. Enrages at 30%.

Heroic Differences: Move out of Quicksand on ground (damperiods & reduces motion speed). This is left behind after charges forward with Crashing Wave.Boss calls Hatecoil adds, interrupt Reconstruction cast from Crestriders.

2. Lady Hatecoil

Copy/Paste Macro:/i Static Nova = move to land. Focused Lightning = relocate to water. Saltsea Globules explode on fatality, relocate amethod. Player with Curse of Witch challenge ameans from others, releases frontal cone. Crackling Thunder will certainly damages you if leave arena (previous black rocks).

Heroic Differences: Monshortly adheres to closest player knocking you in the air & blowing away any sand also dunes it hits.

3. Serpentrix

Before pulling this boss make sure to kill the adds wondering surrounding and also kill the neutral Cove Seagulls as they stun.

Copy/Paste Macro:/i Avoid green circles. Player with Toxic Wound leaves a trail of green puddles, attempt area them cshed together & store moving (protect against running right into others). Interrupt Ramweb page. Submerges then Emerges at 33% & 66%. Summons Red Hydra, interrupt Blazing Nova.

Heroic Differences: Also summons Arcane Hydra, interrupt Arcane Blast & emphasis kill this include.

Note: Violent Winds occasionally take place during this fight pushing players approximately.

4. King Deepbeard

Copy/Paste Macro:/i Try avoid blue circles on floor. Players with Gaseous Bubble should absorb damages to remove, if not removed triggers aoe explosion. Heal tank for Ground Slam, others move out of circle. Avoid Quakes on ground. Healer all set for the high aoe damage.

Heroic Differences: Gaseous Explosion inflicts frost damages to all players equal to the absorb shield left on the Gaseous Bubble.

5. Wrath of Azshara

Copy/Paste Macro:/i Frontal assault Massive Deluge dameras & knocks earlier. Avoid Tornados. Dispel players with Arcane Bomb, bomb will speak complying with & land also (relocate out area). Raging Storms stacks via no melee in range. 10% empowers weather, stop waves & lightning strikes.

Heroic Differences: Stack on player via Crushing Depths.Strikes players with Elepsychological Resonance leaving a debuff Magic Resonance (boosts arcane & nature damages taken by 10%) or Frost Resonance (reduces motion rate by 5%), these results stack.

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Note: Violent Winds sometimes occur during this fight pushing players about.