Only the western fifty percent of the City of Tears will be available until you uncover another entrance with a different area to the eastern side of the city. The course directly to the map maker is additionally blocked off so you’ll must make a loop approximately to find him.

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From the entrance make your means to the best and drop down to find the first Bench. Continue dvery own to the bottom of the city. Head all the means to the left until you find the Nailsmith in his bit hut. He will upgrade the stamina of your nail. The first time he will only ask for Geo. The following upqualities will expense you Geo and Pale Ore. Each upgrade adds 4 damages to your strike. The basic Nail does 5 damage so after the first upgrade the Nail will hit for 9 damages. Tbelow are 4 upgrades in all, Sharpened Nail, Channelled Nail, Coiled Nail and also Pure Nail.

Run back the means you came and also continue to the ideal alengthy the ground. Past the lift you’ll see a mechanism that demands a Simple Key. This opens up the drainpipe to the Royal Waterways. Ignore it for currently and continue to the ideal to the memorial for the Hollow Knight. You’ll fulfill Hornet once even more.

The building to the right is closed off from below so head earlier to the left. Go up the second lift and take a jump and also a dash to the ledge on the left around half-means up.


Make your way approximately the top of the ledges for a Hollowcolony Seal. Jump your means over to the right to enter the following building. Drop down the first leave, hit the Switch to open the shortcut and also then head to the ideal to fulfill Relic Seeker Lemm. He’ll purchase your relics such as Wanderer’s Journals and Hollownest Seals.

Make your way up the structure. About half way up you’ll find a Rancid Egg. Towards the height right is an additional caught Grub.


Make your way to the height of the building and also follow the pages to the departure at the optimal left. Head to the appropriate to discover a Bench and also the Map Maker.

From below head throughout to the left to find Zote the Mighty. He doesn’t should be rescued this time but does complain around the rain.

Make your way up the platcreates to the departure at the height ideal. Jump throughout the roof to an additional Bench and the Stag Station for this area. Kill the Bugs on the left to discover a Wanderer’s Journal. Continue to the left to unlock the Lift earlier to the Forgained Crossroads.

Forgotten Crossroads

Make your way to the left and drop dvery own the spiked passage. Head approximately to the left to uncover a Mask Shard. If you want to head all the method to the right to fulfill Salubra for added Notches or Charms then now would be a good time to do it. Make your means back to the lift and also head to the City of Tears.

City of Tears

Make your way earlier towards the map maker, head dvery own just prior to you reach him and take the departure to the right. You’ll get trapped in a chamber through a Soul Twister. This creature will certainly teleport around and also shoot fireballs at you. Try to usage the ledges to block the fireballs and jump approximately hit it once it’s close to sufficient. Once it’s been killed the gateways will open up. Take the departure above.

Soul Sanctum

The path to the left leads to a locked door. You’ll need the Elegant Key to open up it which you deserve to obtain from the shopkeeper in Dirtmouth when you offer him the Shopkeeper’s Key which you can find in Crystal Peak. Inside is the upgraded spell for Vigilant Spirit which is dubbed Shade Soul.

Make your method up with the building. You’ll need to deal with more Soul Twisters alengthy the way. when you reach the peak you’ll have a mini boss fight via a Soul Warrior.


He has actually a couple of assaults which are all fairly basic to spot, a teleport, forward dash, downward smash and fireballs. Once he’s been eliminated you have the right to proceed to the ideal.

Make your method downwards initially to open up up the shortcut and also then head ago approximately the top of the structure. As you make your way in the direction of the boss arena just prior to the leave to the left jump up for an enigma. Run along all the way to the ideal for the Spell Twister cdamage. Now head back for the boss fight.

Soul Master


The Soul Master is a challenging boss to fight and also has actually a number of attacks. The many dangerous is the teleport followed by the downward smash through shockwave. Sometimes the Soul Master does a twin teleport simply to gain you off your guard prior to the downward smash. Dash out of the means and jump over the shockwave.

The Soul Master likewise shoot fireballs and then has actually an assault wright here he spins fireballs around him while relocate from one side of the arena to the various other. His last strike is a dash towards you along the ground.

What makes this boss fight more hard is that the Soul Master is almost constantly flying. Dodge his assaults and acquire a hit or 2 in whenever before you deserve to. After the dash alengthy the ground is a good time, as is when he moves across the display via the spinning fireballs.

When the Soul Master has been beat he’ll smash via the ice floor and also you’ll both land in the arena below. The Soul Master will certainly readjust form and repeatedly smash right into the ground. You’ll need to dash easily out of the means.

When the Soul Master continues to be still at one finish of the arena he’ll spawn fireballs. Now’s a good time to hit him as easily as you can. Eventually he’ll die and also you’ll win the fight. He’ll leave behind the Desolate Dive ability that permits you to smash downwards and destroy some types of floors.

Head to the left for your Geo reward, as well as a Hallownest Seal. Alengthy the way you’ll also find one last Grub.

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You’ll have to come back to check out the eastern half of the City of Tears. For currently tbelow are still many locations to discover including the Royal Watermethods and also the Queen’s Gardens. For currently we’ll head off to the Crystal Peak for a new ability.