Choose Your Own Lump!

This is an add-on for Cookie Clickerthat helps manipulating timeso that the ideal coalescing lump type deserve to be chosen.

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Getting Started (aka TL;DR)

The number of grandmas,the phase of the grandmapocalypse,the slot that Rigidel is being venerated,and the auras of the dragonhave the right to all be used to instraight manipulate the form of the next coalescing sugar lump(similarly to exactly how Force the Hand also of Fate planners can be used to attain massive combos).

This mod tries all possibilities and tells you which ones provide the preferred lump types.Look at the photos listed below and attempt to understand what the mod is telling you;this information is available in the lump toolpointer.

The the majority of prevalent problem is the discrepancy.In brief, the game does not account for Javascript being sluggish,so sometimes the game misses the autoharvesting time by one or two millisecond.Refill your conserve game until the discrepancy matches the expected discrepancy(generally 1);the toolpointer will certainly administer instructions as required.



Coalescing sugar lumpsare the sugar lumps that generate approximately once a dayright under the “Stats” button.Tright here are five types of sugar lumps:normal, bifurcated, gold, meaty, and caramelized.After the present sugar lump is harvested,the next sugar lump starts prospering.

The form of the following sugar lump is randomly figured out as soon as the previous one is harvested,although their appearance just starts differing after 57% of its expansion has actually taken place.The vital below is that the random seedused to identify the next lump typedepends just on the game’s random seedand also the moment that the lump began prospering.Thus we can look at all the possibilities of time for the “birth” of the lumpand also manipulate this worth to offer us the kind we desire.

The most apparent means of manipulating the sugar lump birth timewould be ssuggest harvesting a ripe sugar lump at the ideal moment.However before,the game provides millisecond precision for determining once the lump started prospering,so if we miss out on the note by even more than one millisecond we acquire an essentially random lump form.We would certainly must write a script to achieve this super-huguy reaction time,and also I believe this is a little bit too a lot cheating for my taste.

Therefore,our goal is to manipulate the prospering time of the present sugar lumpand let the game autoharvest it.

Manipulating the Next Lump Type

The adhering to determinants impact the harvest time of the existing lump and the type of the following lump:

The time the existing lump started coalescing; The heavenly upgrades Steusing Caelestis, Sucralosia Inutilis, and Sugar Aging Process; The game seed; Which slot Rigidel is in; The variety of grandmas (if Sugar Aging Process is present); Dragon auras Dragon’s Curve and Reality Bending; and also The stage of the grandmapocalypse.

The initially three are “persistent”,requiring an ascension to change;the latter 4 are “transient” and deserve to be readjusted within an ascension.

Knowing the factors over is exactly what we need to simulate the option of the following lump type…except for the discrepancy, explained listed below.(In ChooseYourOwnLump.js,this simulation is included in the approach CYOL.PersistentState.protoform.predictLumpType.)

Harvesting Methods

Besides clicking the lump to harvest it,a new sugar lump starts growing if the game is open and also the lump falls(i.e. it becomes overripe, so the lump is autoharvested),or when a save game is loaded and also the game notices the previous lump fell.Two different pieces of code manage each of the latter 2,and also the timing of the first one(lump falling while the game is open)is unreliable.So we will use the second one.

The plan goes as follows:we pick a combination of the transient says that offers us the lump of our alternative,modify the state appropriately,save the game (preferably exporting it),wait for the autoharvest time to pass,pack the conserve game,and hope for the best.

A Wrench in our Plans

Tright here is one concern, however:the component of the game code which grants us lumps when the game is loaded(Game.loadLumps)calls 3 times,and also Javamanuscript is as well slow-moving to guarantee that all these three calls rerevolve the same number.Generally there is a discrepancy of one or two millisecs between these two calls.This is wright here savescumming enters.If we assume that the discrepancy will certainly be 1(i.e. one millisecond will certainly elapsebetween the initially and also last cevery one of in Game.loadLumps),we deserve to simulate the calculation of the following lump type accordingly,and also then we simply must pack the game a couple of times until we actually gain the simulated discrepancy.

In my machine,about 50% of the moment the discrepancy is 1 millisecond,so this is the default setting for the mod.


This mod looks at eexceptionally combicountry of “transient states”(variety of grandmas, dragon auras, Rigidel slot, grandmapocalypse stage),filters the predictions to the lump kinds of your alternative,and displays them in the lump tooltip(the box that appears when you hover the mouse over the sugar lump).The tooltip looks prefer this:


The “Predicted following lump type” line claims that,if the player renders no alters to its save game,then the following lump form will certainly be caramelized.

The first line states that,if the player is in stages 1, 2 or 3 of the grandmapocalypse(awakened, displeased, or angered grandmas),Rigidel energetic in the jade slot,and also the dragon has just Reality Bending as the energetic aura,then the next sugar lump form will be meaty.

The second line states that,regardless of the stage of the grandmapocalypse,if Rigidel is inactiveand the dragon has actually neither Dragon’s Curve nor Reality Bending as active auras,then the sugar lump will certainly be caramelized.

For the first line,only among the two relevant auras (Dragon’s Curve and Reality Bending) is needed,so this configuration works through a partially-trained dragon.If the dragon is fully trained,then the other aura should be collection to something other than Dragon’s Curve.

All of this assumes, of course,that the discrepancy that happens when loading the save gamematches the one assumed throughout the calculations.Thus some savescumming may be required to guarantee that the discrepancy matches the assumed worth.This value can be changed in the settings,however I think most users will desire that worth to be 1.

In the display screen above,the present lump form is bifurcated,as deserve to be watched in the second line of the paragraph above the predictions.This line will always say the kind of the lump regardmuch less of the expansion phase.

Only the predictions whose lump types were schosen by the user are shown.The predictions which cause shortest lump expansion time are presented first in the toolpointer.

If the heavenly upgrade “Sugar Aging Process” is purchased,then the number of grandmas issue for the sugar lump growth time.The forced number is presented appropriate after the colon:


Sometimes,the predicted configuration will certainly limit how much (or how early)in the grandmapocalypse the game have the right to be;for instance, in the first line of the toolreminder above,only the first two stages of the grandmapocalypse(and Dragon’s Curve active, and also Rigidel in the diamond slot)yield the golden lump form.If you are previous that stage,the just means of going back is to stop the grandmapocalypseeither with Elder Pledge or Elder Commitment.

You can examine the grandmapocalypse stage on the Status food selection,or by looking at the picture of the grandmas in your buildings list;they will certainly match the ones presented in the toolpointer.

In some rare instances,the forced stages are on “the middle”.For instance,in the fifth line above,just phase 1 (awoken grandmas) work-related.If you are past this stage,the only method of still acquiring the gold lump is to use the Elder Covenantto get out of the grandmapocalypse,then revoking the elder covenant to start the grandmapocalypse again,and also exporting the save and also quitting the game before the grandmapocalypse progresses to stage 2.This will “freeze” the grandmapocalypse till the game is reopened up,permitting the lump to be harvested under stage 1.

Increasing the variety of grandmas by 200 is tantamount to raising Rigidel one slot(unslotted to Jade, Jade to Ruby, or Ruby to Diamond).For instance,in the picture over,the second line is indistinguishable to making use of 337 grandmas rather of 537,yet worshipping Rigidel in the Diamond slot.They have exactly the very same outcomes,so the mod just display screens the one via the the majority of grandmas.

Compatibility through Spiced Cookies

As a special provision,if Spiced Cookies is in useand the discrepancy patch is permitted,this mod assumes that the discrepancy is zero,regardmuch less of what is collection in the settings.

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Using the mod

The ideal solution is adding Cookie Clicker Mod Manager.