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Condoms are a bit undesirable, regularly mistackled and also, at times, neglected—however it doesn’t need to be that means. In truth, it should never be that way. 

We committed to making this Valentine’s Day and, coincidentally, National Condom Day smovarious other, safer and also sexier for you with the assist of Dr. Emily Morse, sexologist and also co-organize of the weekly radio show “Loveline via Dr. Drew Pinsky” and LifeStyles Condoms, maker of the well-known SKYN brand also, aka “the closest point to wearing nothing.” 

We asked for your a lot of pushing condom etiquette questions and also determined the 5 a lot of relatable queries. Morse imparted her wisdom and LifeStyles Condoms gifted the authors of the inquiries via ‘shag bags.’ Here are those concerns, answered, so you’ll never be ill equipped or ill increated the next time points warm up. Remember: no glove, no love. 


What is the proper means to discard a used condom?

“The ideal way to dispose of a condom is to wrap it in a tconcern and also simply throw it in the trashcan. Even though flushing a condom dvery own the toilet appears to be the quick and also dirty solution, don’t execute it. Most condoms perform not break dvery own and also will clog your pipes. That’s just an awkward encounter through your ptimber waiting to take place.”


Is it safe to store condoms in your wallet? If not, wright here is the ideal location to store them?

“The most widespread place to save a condom, the wallet, is one of the least safe. Even though numerous movies display the man suavely whipping out his condom from his wallet, the friction from opening and also closing your wallet deserve to actually deterioprice the condom over time. The finest area to save condoms are in cool, dry spaces that are below room temperature. This suggests your glove compartment (unless it’s summertime, or you live in a hot climate), your bathroom’s medicine cabinet, any kind of side table close to your bed, or almost everywhere without intense, straight sunlight. Finally, don’t forget to check the expiration date! Trash any prophylactics that are even a few weeks out of day. Try writing the expiration date on package as soon as you buy them so you never need to problem around it.”


What’s the simplest way to make the shift from foreplay to placing the condom on as seamless as possible?

“It doesn’t need to be awkward as soon as you gain the hang of it and also you’re comfortable via your partner. It takes time. But don’t rush the procedure just bereason you feel a small awkward. Be certain to open up the condom at one edge with your fingers. Do not usage your mouth, fingernails or anypoint that can puncture or damages the condom. Take the condom from the packet and place the roller side on peak of your erect penis. Pinch the reminder of the condom to let the air out and also allow room for semen to collect. Then roll it dvery own. It gets easier if you pay attention to the condom from the time you pull it out to the time you put it on so it doesn’t gain turned around.”

How do I obtain my girl to put on the condom, yet still keep it sexy and not destroy the moment?

“As we recognize, males are extremely visual, so having actually your companion put on the condom is definitely hotter. The finest means to get her to perform it the initially time is to tell her you desire to watch her put it on. You deserve to open it for her and then contact the shots. Describe to her in good information what you’d prefer her to carry out and also how you’d like her to perform it, and also be sure to fill her in on just how much it’s turning you on. You can also buy a condom that you understand you’ll both gain excited from—something with all the bells and also whistles—favor LifeStyles’ EverLast Intense. It’s studded for her maximum pleacertain and has delay lubricant to expand your erection. Also, If your partner has actually a latex allergy, no must skip a beat. Just pick up a fill of non-latex SKYN Condoms by LifeStyles. SKYN Condoms are made of polyisoprene and have a softer, more organic feel than latex.”

Last time I had sex, I shed my erection as soon as trying to put the condom on. What have the right to I do to stop this kind of situation?

“First, remember it’s no huge deal if this happens; you can simply go back to fooling about till it comes earlier. You deserve to likewise try Promescent, which is a delay spray that helps guys last longer in bed. It doesn’t transport to your companion, and you deserve to put it on before you have sex so you know you’ll stay difficult without worrying about anypoint but sexual pleasure.”