If you’re an Asian male, you understand exactly what we’re talkingabout: you asked your barber for the perfect undercut hairreduced and then… yoursides flourish out into a porcupine.

Yeah. Not exceptionally good-looking anymore.

Usually, an undercut would make Eastern guys look attractive because it tapers the sides of the head, giving the challenge a more angular and slimmer look. However before, when the sides prosper out, the problem starts. It becomes “puffy”. Without the level sides that the underreduced offers, the “side afro” that grows makes the face look round.

Unmuch less you are genetically gifted with right side hair, Asian hair is thick, black, and also most importantly exceptionally right. When hair is brief, it sticks out prefer a porcupine because it does not have actually the weight it requirements to flourish downward. Many Eastern men try to fix this difficulty by shaving the sides of their heads every few months or so. However before, this isn’t a good permanent solution since it only solves the difficulty temporarily. In addition, people are minimal from having any other style of hair various other than “brief on the sides, lengthy on top”.

Now here’s the thing: there are the majority of methods that work-related, but they only work temporarily and require many maintenance.

Here is an instance of a quick and also easy solve making use of what looks like a crash test helmet.

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Yeah sure, it works. It’s simply that you’ll need to use that eextremely day and it doesn’t thin out your side hair permanently. Thanks Eastern genetics! So, exactly how carry out we settle the problem for good? Well, here’s the finest long-term solution. Your hair requirements to grow out correctly after it is cut.

Here’s what you must execute to flatten puffy side hair.


We recommend 2 different scissors for this: broader thinning scissors, and exact barber scissors. You don’t require anypoint sophisticated, as lengthy as it’s sharp and they’re the ideal sort of scissors.

Here’s what we’re talking about.



First, usage the jagged scissors (the ones with teeth) initially. This gets all the significant weight off. (Video provided)2nd, use the specific scissors to reduced right into the hair sides. You must leave the peak of the sides reasonably lengthy so it becomes a taper, NOT a fade. See diagram <2> below for details. Do NOT have actually your sides shaved on a regular basis. Allow your strands to thrive hefty from the length and also hang downward. Repeat this process eextremely time you gain a hairreduced till your sides naturally thrive downwards.

For Thinning Shears

To usage the jagged scissors, usage the toothed blade of the scissor and lay it parallel to the side of the head. You must then cut your hair so that the scissors are dealing with vertically to the side of the head rather than perpendicularly. In other words, the scissor knives have to not point to the head, however be laying flat on the head. We’ve offered a chart below.

Point the thinning shears so that they’re not pointing towards your head. Aim them so that they’re brushing up the sides.

For Precise Scissors

Diagram 1: For the specific scissors, you’ll need to reduced right into the hair. So perform the opposite. To reduced into your hair, your barber demands to angle the scissors so that the tips are pointing to your head straight. It need to look as if they are poking right into the head. This helps the bottom components of the puffy side hair to flatten more easily by making the texture less thick. It is necessary that your barber does this with scissors and not an electrical razor; electrical razors execute not flatten puffy side hair bereason it keeps the hair at the very same thickness.

Make certain to have actually your barber cut perpendicularly, NOT vertically

Diagram 2: A taper will save the optimal of the sides lengthy and also the bottom short. Generally, your barber will use an electrical razor, yet remember: NO ELECTRIC RAZORS. You must have actually the bottom of the sides thinned out via scissors. This is different from a fade given that it makes your hair, well, “fade”. Tapers on the other hand flatten puffy side hair by thinning the bottom and also letting the weight of the top hang downwards.

Side hair tapers are identified by their short bottoms and longer tops

And that’s it! That’s how you flatten puffy side hair in the lengthy term. Just remember to cut your hair to thin it out. The optimal of the sides must be long so it have the right to hang downward. Be sure not to shave actually your sides via an electric razor consistently, lest you end up making your hair thick aacquire. Generally, you will have to repeat this procedure of hair development and also cutting 3-5 times before it gets supplied to the form. Remember to be patient –you need your hair to get offered to transitioning from its porcupine form to a level form.

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