Virtual Family 3 is a casual family members simulation game wright here players take on a boy to raise him/her to be a far better person(counts on your choices), to help them make great choices and decisions in life, to assist them with their career, to encourage them for work or other such points.

Being a life simulation game, Virtual Family 3 supplies nearly every trivial to significant real-life events in create of a digital game simulation. It is an addictive game, and there’s a lot to do.

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In Virtual Family 3, tbelow are ants who have the right to terrorize your kitchen if preserved unchecked. Many kind of of the new and some old players have trouble managing ants in the game. So, to make your life simpler. We are below through a handy guide – that describes the vital measures required to remove ants in Virtual Family 3.

Virtual Family 3 – How to eliminate ants

Virtual Family 3 – Kitchen


In the kitchen, check if the ants are moving down a route. Near the sink – in the kitchen, make sure tright here is a brvery own cinnamon jar. Near the Trash and Recycle bins, make sure tbelow are orange peels.

With these three things in examine, we deserve to relocate forward through our guide–

Step 1.) Open Virtual Family 3 in your wanted tool.

Step 2.) Take an adult(or anyone through age >14) close to the sink, and also alongside the brown cinnamon jar. As they will certainly take the jar to the workshop to make a spray to kill the ants.

Note: Make certain this procedure is not interrupted by any type of suggests. Or, you will lose your opportunity to make a spray.

Tip 3.) After the chosen perkid is done preparing the cinnamon. Drag them close to the oselection peels.

Tip 4.) Now the person(chosen by you) will certainly complete the spray needed to kill the ants.

Virtual Family 3 is a casual actual life simulation game presently available on Android and iOS platforms.

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Amazing, I simply removed the ants in Virtual Families 3, so simple, take an adult to the phone and also it comes up through the option to ring among a couple of specialists, press speak to the exterminator it’s extremely cheap, as soon as you have done that he will certainly come in and spray all over the kitchen and also the ants disshow up, if only I kbrand-new this weeks back, great luck and have fun on the game.

Is tright here any type of way to remove the ants without having to pay for an exterminator? I can’t discover anywhere to buy the cinnamon jar from previous versions.