How do I acquire even more Diamonds?

Keep playing! Diamonds are awarded whenever you finish a chapter for the initially time.

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How execute I get even more Keys?

Players have a soft cap of 2 Keys. If you have actually less than 2 Keys, a timer will certainly start. After 3 hours, you"ll obtain a brand-new Key instantly. Play frequently to make certain you gain the maximum variety of complimentary Keys.

I bought Diamonds/Keys and also they aren"t mirroring up! What gives?

Sometimes communication in between our servers and our partners can hiccup. Many of the time, all you need to do is wait. If your purchase went via, your purchased items will be awarded soon.

In a very tiny number of cases, there might be a bigger problem. In this situation, you should call customer support here: support


Can I profession Keys for Diamonds?

Not directly, no, yet you deserve to earn Diamonds by playing chapters which price Keys.

Why execute you require me to authorize in with Facebook?

You have the right to play without signing in to Facebook, but Facebook sign in is compelled to share your conserve in between devices (consisting of iOS to Android, on vice versa).


Why can not I play the game in various other languages?

Sorry, Choices is just in English for now. We hope to add other langueras in the future.


I sent you males a message! How come you haven"t answered yet?

We"re sorry for the wait! We gain tons of questions from our fans eexceptionally day, and we answer as conveniently as possible. Thanks for your patience! We’ll acquire back to you ASAP!


I"ve played everything! When are brand-new books coming out?

Check back often!We"re constantly updating Choices with new content.


I made the wrong Choice. Can I restart?

You can restart a book by pushing the Rebegin button (a circular button via an arrow) on the major web page for the book. Your development will certainly be recollection, but any premium selections you"ve made will certainly be conserved.

I want to replay a particular chapter. How do I execute that?

Right now, players cannot replay individual chapters, yet this is functionality we hope to add sometime soon.

I reinstalled Choices and also I lost some of my game data!

Choices is saved all the time locally, yet tbelow have the right to periodically be a hold-up as soon as conserving to the server. If you delete your regional game and then reclaim it, or switch between gadgets, you might sometimes shed a tiny amount of development. Premium options are conserved to the server immediately.

Why is there no sound?

Tright here should be! Choices is better via sound. To inspect your sound:

Tap the gear symbol in the bottom-appropriate corner of the screen to open the game"s SETTINGS. Make certain that the AUDIO switch is on.

You have to also make sure that your device is not muted by checking the sound toggle on the left side of your tool. Also make sure that the volume on your gadget is turned up.

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The game is asking which version of the game I desire to play. Should I select the server or the tool game?

You must constantly select the game that has actually the the majority of current data. If they are the exact same, choose the "device game".