I"ve obtained 16 dwellers as of now, sadly 4 died in a tragic accident.....I really have to gain more dwellers because all my water workers passed away.

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I have actually tried to make babies yet most of my dwellers have actually very bad charisma. To add to that I am short on employees as I did have actually a bigger populace but it dropped extremely easily, so I am losing happiness.


Sometimes it"s a battle to catch ago up, but the just point you have the right to execute to straight get dwellers more conveniently is gain your dwellers to make babies. Other than that, simply attempt to get your shelter ago to operating and possible, and having room for even more dwellers to come by.

You deserve to likewise have a particular room that you can asauthorize a dweller to that will let a dweller usage a radio to contact out for even more dwellers. You have to have actually 20 dwellers prior to you can gain the room.



There are a number of methods to acquire even more Dwellers

You can put two Dwellers together in your Living Quarters. Conceiving might take some time (note: the appropriate Outfits additionally help here), and also carrying the boy and having actually it prosper out to be an adult. Tright here are but no pre-conditions for this method, the outcome is pretty a lot guaranteed.

And ultimately, you have the right to send Dwellers into the Wasteland. Occasionally, your Dwellers will certainly stumble upon a Red Rocket Truckstop, a Super Duper Market and so on Once in a while, there"s refugees in there that desire to join your Vault. Also, these explorers could uncover Outfits that increase Charisma, to help via the two points above.


Keep on reproduction them and here"s an excellent method to get even more supplies to upgrade living quarters and also to obtain suits.

wait till LATE LATE night.Sent a dweller with armor and several radameans and stimpacksWait for 6:30 pm the following day.

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Large opportunity for dwellers and rare stuff. I acquired 1000000000 Caps


It could seem choose it takes forever to acquire dwellers yet some things you have the right to do to acquire dwellers are to make babies, open up lunch boxes sometimes they will certainly offer you a special dweller in there, also you deserve to construct a radio place.

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