Reduces the impact of a defender who is cshedding out. Jump shots taken with a defender cshedding out get less of a penalty from a shot dispute. This includes both mid-array and 3PT shots.

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For Best Results:

Combine this Badge with:Catch & Shoot BadgeDeep Threes BadgeHot Zone Hunter BadgeEnvironment-friendly Machine BadgeDifficult Shots BadgeBuilds this Badge is Best Suited for:3 PT ShootersMid Range ShootersOffensive ThreatStretch BigsSwarm CreatorsAttributes to Increase:Mid-Range ShotThree-Point ShotGameplay & Playstyle Tips:Activate this badge by taking shots with the defender cshedding outTo rise success rate of jump shots:Find Out and also exercise your jumpswarm timing (if it’s not functioning for you, try a new one)Take open up shotsSpace the floor / spread out to produce open looksKcurrently and shoot from warm spots on the courtUse on-sphere and off-ball displays to gain openRead the passer and relocate without the ball, bluffing transforms in direction, and so on if important to get open.If the defender is overplaying you, use ago cuts and pump fakesNotes:Simulated games execute not count towards earning badgesBadges have 4 Tiers: Bronze, Silver, Gold, and also Hall of FameBadge availability relies on the archetype

Name: Deadeye

Description: Reduces the impact of a defender that is closing out. Jump shots taken through a defender cshedding out receive less of a penalty from a shot challenge. This consists of both mid-variety and also 3PT shots.

Attribute Requirements: Three-Point Shot 73 (GOLD) 93 (HOF)

Controls: Jump Shot: Press and also host X / Square or move and also organize Right Stick then release

Skill(s): Offense > Shooting

Type: Shooting Badge

Notable NBA Players w/This Badge on HOF: Kobe Bryant, Steph Curry, Larry Bird, + even more.