A little background before I begin.. I started playing MM when all the hype about it had actually currently faded. Therefore I likewise missed out on a ton of HG gifts for patches done to the game definition that even after completing every one of the courses on Casual and also Deep Story I still don't have sufficient hourglass to unlock the final chapter aka Anvarious other Story. I have actually started collecting hourglass and also I'm currently at 420. My approach of just replaying Zens course is easy but very slow-moving. I was wondering if anyone knows just how to acquire HG a little bit much faster given that I really want to complete this game before December since that's when exam seachild starts lol. All assist is appreciated ! Thanks in advancement !



What I did a few times was just replay the prologue over and over. You have actually max rate for the prologue so it's simpler. You gain 0-3 hourglasses each time, usually 1 or 2 though.

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I still ended up buying some though bereason it's just a couple of dollars and I favor cheritz as a company so I don't mind supporting them. Another story is pretty hefty on HG though, you require 15 to unlock a chat.

I would certainly offer them money no difficulty however opening an account is a genuine hassle and I must save the majority of money for irl stuff. But yes I'll attempt that out too! Thank you!

Oh additionally..is 15 HG for unlocking a chat you missed or opening a chat in general ? Sorry for bothering you.

In the "Guests" section, you have the right to click each guests to obtain a small little comment around them from among the primary actors and also an hourglass. You only get 1 per guest, yet it adds up if you have most of the guests unlocked.

Sadly I was dumb and wasted those.. however give thanks to you anyway! I think I could have actually simply one HG left to pick up in that area..

I don't understand much around getting hourglasses quick, but I've heard two rumors. Have yet to attempt the initially one out.

Someone on a Youtube video sassist that, when a guest is for certain coming, you gain hourglasses if you go to the guest list and have actually the characters read the details or something. Again, I haven't tried it myself so it's a small fuzzy.

Also, I've noticed that Zen's path tends to provide out even more hourglasses than Jaehee and also Yoosung's in casual.

Sorry, that's all I got. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

I'm in the very same boat as you, friend. I downloaded MM in July and also have actually done all the courses except Another Story and also I have 220 HG.

What I imply is replaying the prologue over and also over, and also obtaining the chips at the bottom as quickly as it's accessible (you always obtain a couple HG that method no matter what)


Hehe I totally obtain you! I hope this thcheck out deserve to assist you as well since many civilization here gave some pretty excellent suggestions! I wish you luck on your Anvarious other Story Quest ! Thabks for the advice ! Us late players need to stick together haha

replay the prologue over and over! that’s honestly the fastest way to grind, and also the good point is that there’s hardly any ‘speaking time’ for you (largely simply the various other characters rambling lolol) so what I perform is grind prologue and also either perform occupational or draw.

don’t provide up! through hard occupational you deserve to acquire tright here soon :)

Thank you for the encouragement! I'll attempt the strategy immediately after finishing what's left of Zens course. Thank you so much!

I started playing this year in July... I'd say it was a miracle because I didn't have to buy HG to purchase deep & another story. Then again, I wasn't able to finish trick 01 (though I heard its recommfinished to do before an additional story);;; I couldn't wait lol.

I aim to acquire excellent endings for each course so after that, I can derp around with my answers and also get unlock those negative endings while get hearts or HGs..

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I think participating the events/birthdays are vital. I adhered to Cheritz on twitter or tumblr, they make announcements. Like for Rika's bday they provided amethod 40 HG.

I normally would replay the prologues through good/bad ends, make certain I acquired the HG from the guests that concerned the Party~ if anything, emphasis on collecting most hearts to transform them to HG :) This could be difficult, I recognize it was for me, however don't be tempted to usage up HG for missed calls or chats, I read somewright here has actually long as they're 50% or higher you have the right to still gain a great ending!