(Especially the smell of smoked eel.)I tried washing via soap, lemon juice, a metal spoon, but nothing really appears to job-related.Washing with soap multiple times throughout the day will get it off eventually, but sudepend a much better solution exists.

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The fishy smell comes from amines - you want a low pH substance to take the smell away, prefer lemon juice or vinegar. Some brands of "shower cleaner" will certainly execute the trick.

Bicarbonate of soda absorbs "general" odors, yet it is alkaline and not the finest choice in this situation.


Working in a restaurant and taking care of 50 to 60 raw fish a night the only point I found to remove the smell was toothpaste. I put a tiny dab in my hands and rub it over front and also ago of hands and rinse. Fish smell gone. Never functioned with eel.


While I"ve never had to deal with smoked eel, I prefer to make a thick paste of baking soda and also water and also scour my hands through it to remove odors that linger.


Hydrogen peroxide functions, also. Just pour it straight out of the bottle..beware if you have cuts because it hurts! :)


I find lemon juice functions well, or if you have a "lemon flavour" washing liquid. I once did use mechanics hand also cleaning stuff which was also lemon based. Worked brilliantly, yet can"t remember what it was called.

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