Looking to gain stylish on the harsh battlefields of PlayerUnknown"s Battlegrounds? These are all the cprices and also their cosmetic contents.

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The Biker Cprice is the third traditional crate easily accessible in PUBG, when aobtain derived making use of BP. This cprice includes cosmetics based approximately a biker theme, including padded jackets, combat pants, and also assorted other stylized gear. Players also have actually the opportunity to attain a checkered towel mask in this cprice, as its rarest item.

Aviator GogglesBeanie (Gray)Biker Pants (Black)Biker Pants (Gray)Cloth Mask (Checkered)Dirty Long-sleeved T-shirtFloral Shirt (Black)Floral Shirt (White)Gas Mask (Half)Long-sleeved T-shirt (Red)Padded Jacket (Purple)Patrol Cap (Brown)Patrol Cap (Gray)Polka Dot T-shirtPrincess Power Tank-topRaglan ShirtSchool Shoes (Black)School Shoes (Brown)Skinny Jeans (Khaki)Skinny Jeans (Pink)Sleevemuch less Biker Jacket (Black)Sleevemuch less Biker Jacket (Brown)Sleeveless Turtleneck (Gray Striped)Sleevemuch less Turtleneck (Red)Sneakers (Black)T-shirt (Pink striped)

Western Military Crate contents

Battle BeltCamo Tank Top (Red)Cowboy Hat (Brown)Cowboy Hat (White)Faux Leather JacketLeather Bootreduced PantsLong Sleeved Turtleneck (Black)Military Boots (Black)Military Cap (Black)Military Jacket (Black)Military Shirt (Gray)Military Skirt (Black)Military Trocustomers (Black)Polo Shirt (Pink)Raglan T-shirt (Red/White)Tank-peak (Gray)Utility Belt (Brown)Vintage Gas MaskVintage Polo Shirt

Desperaperform Cprice contents

Aviator SunglassesBaggy Pants (Black)Baggy Pants (Brown)Beanie (Brown)Checkered JacketCloth Mask (Leopard)Horn-rimmed Glasses (Black)Horn-rimmed Glasses (Brown)Leather Boots (Black)Leather Boots (Brown)Leather Hoodie (Black)Leather Hoodie (White)Long Leather Boots (Brown)Long-sleeved Leather ShirtPunk Knuckle Gloves (Black)Punk Knuckle Gloves (Red)Sleevemuch less Turtleneck (Black)Sleeveless Turtleneck (Gray)Striped Shirt (Gray)Striped Tank-topTraining Pants (Light Blue)Wide Pants (Red)

Fever Crate contents

Checkered Shirt (Coral)Combat Gloves (Khaki)Combat Pants (Coral)Cropped CorsetDenim Bootreduced PantsFloral Retro JacketHi-peak Canvas Sneakers (Pink)Mesh Polo ShirtRetro Polo ShirtSchool Shoes (Beige)Zest Bootcut PantsZest Checkered SkirtZest Denim JacketZest Loafers through socksZest Retro JacketZest Silk ScarfZest SunglassesZest Turtleneck (White)

Aviator Crate contents

Countryside SneakersDenim Shirt via NecktieDesert ShemaghFeathered ShirtFringed HotpantsLazy Sunday SweatpantsLeather "Skyrocket" JacketLightbringer ShirtPaddy CapPilot PantsSnake Skin SneakersSuede Aviator CapTactical GlovesVintage Aviator GogglesViolent Violet Jacket

Warrior Crate

Eco-friendly Pattern BalaclavaEco-friendly Pattern T-shirtGreen Pattern PantsEco-friendly Pattern Hi-peak Trainers

Accessory Cprice contents

Environment-friendly Pattern CapEnvironment-friendly Pattern Fingermuch less Gloves

Tracksuit Cprice contents

Xbox Tracksuit TopXbox Tracksuit Pants

PUBG 5 Pack contents

PUBG 5 CapPUBG 5 Cuffed JeansPUBG 5 Hi-top TrainersPUBG 5 Long Sleeved Shirt

Bounty Hunter Set contents

Combat Pants (Grey Camo)Dirty Tank-top (Grey)SunglassesWorker Jacket

Pre-Order Crate contents


Xbox 1.0 Set contents

Xbox #1.0 HoodieXbox #1.0 SweatpantsParachute

Xbox 1.0/99 Set contents

#1.0/99 Pants#1.0/99 Jacket#1.0/99 Shirt#1.0/99 Shoes

Xbox G Suit Set contents

Xbox G HoodieXbox G Sweatpants

Updated September 12, 2018: Updated with the latest PUBG Xbox One crates.

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