Hello readers! Today we’re going to check out our overview on wright here to discover Beaver Dams in Ark Genesis 2, as well as spawn areas for Castoroides.

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If you’re looking to stock up on Cementing Paste, this guide will detail the finest recognized Beaver Dam and also Cementing Paste areas.

CLAIM 20% OFF ARK SERVERS + FREE TRIAL USING CODE slrfc.orgHere’s a quick oversee of the finest places in Ark Genesis 2 for Dams and Cementing Paste:

East of the map in between 40 to 65, 63 to 80Beaver Dams in the large lake at 41.8, 72.8Purchasing from HLN-A

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Ark Genesis 2 Casteroides Spawn

There are numerous Casteroides generate places in Ark Genesis 2. These incorporate the following coordinates:

20.23, 76.49 to 21.92, 78.2640.36, 64.9 to 42.51, 68.5940.08, 71.48 to 42.25, 73.4341.34, 73.66 to 43.33, 75.3554.05, 69.94 to 60.15, 73.653.59, 78.03 to 58.7, 81.8461.68, 72.92 to 64.44, 76.2

Ark Genesis 2 Cementing Paste and Beaver Dam Locations

It seems that in Ark Genesis 2 Beaver Dams and also Cementing Paste are quite few and also much in between. Whether you’re looking to tame a Casteroides or farm Cementing Paste, you’ll must know wright here the ideal areas are.

While the precise area will certainly be slightly various, you should be able to uncover Beaver Dams in Ark Genesis 2 at location 41.8, 72.8.

Beaver Dams are slightly trickier to check out in Ark Genesis 2, yet as you have the right to see from the photo above, you might spot some poking out of the water.

Your ideal bet is to head in the direction of the East of the map roughly the huge lake locations, e.g. 62.3, 75.1.

If you’re struggling to spot any type of dams out of the water, you’ll should dive down in the shalreduced parts wbelow you’ll most likely find a dam close to a group of Casteroides.

Aside from open lakes, rivers are also a great spot to situate them, such as, 58.7, 70.7.

Just remember, if you attack a dam, Casteroides will certainly come after you! Also, for the sake of the server you’re playing on, remember to take the hardwood from the dam and also either usage it or drop it so that the dam respawns.

What is Cementing Paste Used For?

Cementing Paste is a useful resource in Ark, permitting you to craft many items. These incorporate particular turrets, platdevelop saddles, Fabricator, Industrial Forge, Polymer, and also lots more.

CLAIM 20% OFF ARK SERVERS + FREE TRIAL USING CODE slrfc.orgYou have the right to craft Cementing Paste in a Mortar and also Pestle or Chemistry Bench.

If you’re playing Ark Genesis 2, purchasing Cementing Paste through HLN-A will price about 75 Hexagons and also will certainly yield 25 Cementing Paste.

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