was planning to redevelop mbs’ infinity pool and i realised we couldn’t construct pools on various other storeys :/


The issue would certainly be that pools are three-dimensional, that is they have actually depth. For argument's sake allows say a pool is 2 metres deep. Into the ground that doesn't issue but having actually a pool that protrudes 2 metres into the floor listed below it is going to be a problem. Especially in the game, wbelow you never before watch ceilings and also it can be assumed that the distance between a ceiling and the floor above is most likely to be zero.

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Infinity pools, favor the one you cite are commonly constructed external with a neighboring deck however in the genuine human being tright here is "ground" sustaining the weight of the pool (approximately 400-500 tonnes of water) and the result of an infinity pool is accomplished by having the ground roughly the pool falling (sloping) ameans from the pool. Sim homes a constructed on level ground.*

The lengthy and also brief of this is that the mechanics of the game don't permit for the building of a supporting base for the pool and also if they did the impact most likely wouldn't be that excellent.

Maybe there can be a plastic above ground pool that could be put on a balcony however I suspect that's not the effect you're trying to accomplish.

*I've never owned one, yet it looks like the Scurrently Chalet might be constructed on sloping ground so that might be the right atmosphere for an infinity pool yet that wants to go swimming in those weather conditions? I'll clear up for a nice warm spa pool and a glass of bubbly, thanks.

Second Thoughts

Actually, the facility for having actually a pool upstairs might partly exist already...

What would must be done would be enable the player to construct upstairs rooms that are outside the footprint of the ground floor. The additional area downstairs can be a void that the pool can be constructed over. You gain past the weight problems of the pool by taking the place the void is solid. That would expect the player couldn't develop in the void are if tright here was a pool above. That would fit into the genuine people principle of wanting to develop a pool upstairs but having actually to losing a downstairs location to fill used to support the pool.

You're still going to have actually problems through you infinty pool though. The initially that springs to mind is balconies cant exist without railing so that will destroy the infinity effect.

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Such an idea would be cool, would seem to be possible yet I think could call for more refunctioning of the game than EA would be willing to invest in, offered the game's age.