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Rockstar Games has actually constantly made their love for movies evident in the GTA games, with every title filled via references to famous and also iconic films. Such as an especially gruesome Easter Egg in GTA Vice City that is a recommendation to the chainobserved scene in Scarface.

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Another excellent referral is in GTA V via an apparent nod to Mission Impossible, is in the develop of the mission ‘The Bureau Raid’. The mission, if taking the fire truck strategy, is an obvious nod to the initially movie in the series.

The iconic scene of Ethan Hunt breaking into CIA in Langley and escaping as a firemale is mirrored by Michael and also his crew in GTA V.

If you choose the Fire Truck approach, you will certainly must attain a Fire Truck as a setup mission. Here’s how you have the right to obtain one without a lot hassle.

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How to obtain a Fire Truck in GTA V?


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Tbelow are numerous mechanics that GTA V doesn’t make also obvious, and also some have the right to be extremely beneficial and also fun.

One such mechanic is the ‘Emergency Services’ Contact on your Phone. It allows you to speak to in an Emergency Service in the game such as Police, Fire Department etc.

To contact Emergency Services in GTA V, simply follow these steps:

Pull up your PhoneSelect ContactsLook for “Emergency Services”Select “Fire Department”

A Fire Truck will promptly show up at your place, and all that’s left to perform is to hop into the Fire Truck and drive it to Darnell Bros to complete the heist setup.

While you deserve to constantly drive to the Fire Department in Los Santos to steal the truck from the location, this is a a lot much easier approach. It likewise results in a Gold Star achievement for the mission.

Summary: The Bureau Rhelp mission in GTA V calls for you to obtain a Fire Truck as part of the heist setup.

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