Isn’t Tumblr like a heaven that you never desire to leave from? You can find everything you love in it! If you’re searching for updays around your favorite TV series or fan arts of your favorite band, no doubt Tumblr has them. It’s prefer you’re filled with creativity everytime you log in!

For sure you’ve already followed the finest blogs for your favorite movie. But if you really want to watch all the posts around it, search for the tags! And to make points even much easier for the fangirl in you, Tumblr gives you that “Follow” button…

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Track Tags on Tumblr

You recognize how Tumblr bloggers conserve the day once they incorporate tags on their posts, right? It’s a way of gaining their blog enattempt out tright here too! So if you want to watch articles that are related to your favorite book, form that #tag and also voila!

1. From your Dashboard, go to the Search tab.

2. Press the search bar.

3. Type a #tag and hit “Search”.

4. All the optimal Tumblogs and also articles with your #tag will certainly present up. To store yourself always posted, hit that “Follow” button!

You have actually tracked the tag! From currently on, all the finest write-ups via that tag will be on your dashboard!


It’s not sufficient to just follow Tumblogs that are all around your favorites. With over 400 million Tumblogs, you need to keep up as a fangirl. You gotta follow the tags, too!

Just track that tag and tright here you go! Your dashboard will be filled with whatever you love in no time. Almeans be updated and never be the last one to know!

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