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If your lapoptimal is only detecting charging through rotating the charging pin or bfinishing either one side, or also not detecting at all, it might be happening due to the faulty charger cable, connector, or dc jack (inside the laptop). But how do you know that this difficulty is via your laptop or charger? If you read this write-up, you’ll obtain all the answers to your concerns.


I know, you have landed on this page to know, how to resolve lapheight power jack without soldering. Unfortunately, it’s not feasible in many situations because the majority of of the laptop’s power jack straight soldered on the motherboard, and also to settle it you have to heat up the soldering iron.

First, before going to the main repairing procedure, you need to know:

Usually, the majority of lappeak chargers occupational on the 2 signals: +VE and GND. On the various other hand also, some manufacturers such as Dell gives an additional sensing pin besides those positive and negative connectors; therefore, tright here are three connections in the laptop jack.

Here are the imeras that display the different DC jacks.


In the over imperiods, you deserve to watch these DC-in jacks have actually wires crimped with a connector, which goes to the motherboard. In this instance, tbelow are some opportunities to resolve the laptop power jack without soldering. Now see the below dc jack picture, which is directly soldered on the motherboard, and also you can’t execute anypoint without soldering.

Now let’s start the actual repairing procedure step by step.



As I sassist over, how carry out we recognize that our lapheight DC jack is resulting in the trouble, not the charger?

If the DC jack is physically damaged, then it doesn’t require any clarification to for being guilty. 

However before, checking your laptop’s adapter is quite simple. First, attach your lapoptimal charger to the primary, and also check the output voltage; it have to be exact same as published on the charger body.

If you’re obtaining the appropriate voltage, tbelow is a high probcapacity, the problem via your laptop. However, it’s not the full-proof experimentation that your laptop charger is 100% ok, I am likewise going to create a guide to repair the lapheight charger soon.

Check out which type of problem you have got?

I have actually viewed many kind of articles, which are mirroring just a certain deal with for a lappeak jack, which can’t aid everyone. Yes! There are a number of types of problems might be seen via a dc jack, you need to recognize then go additionally via addressing as they all have various services. For instance:

The power jack internal pin is damaged.The whole jack is damaged.DC-in jack is generating some spark as soon as connecting, additionally obtaining warm.The DC jack came out of the laptop.The motherboard track is burned that attach the jack via the circuit.The lapoptimal jack’s pins are wobbling on the motherboard while connecting the charger pin, and so on.

As you have the right to see, tbelow can’t be a solitary answer around exactly how to repair a lapheight dc jack with/without soldering. I am offering all substantial troubles and also their solution one by one, you deserve to identify your trouble and also settle it.

1. Problems related to physical damage


As I stated over, if your lappeak jack’s pin or entirety jack is damaged, then tbelow is no solution to solve it, it simply demands to be reput. Some folks might even suggest to glue it up or anypoint else: I don’t recommfinish it. A loose link between the dc jack and adapter pin doesn’t carry out a constant existing circulation and produce warm. It have the right to damage the lappeak charger pin or even have the right to damage motherboard when making use of it a long time, so you would certainly be much better off to replace it.

You have the right to discover a compatible dc-in jack for your lapoptimal by this search query “ dc jack.”

Here is an instance listed below for Lenovo G560 laptop.

Now disaffix the connector of dc-in jack from the motherboard, and loosen the screw to take out from the body. If the jack is directly soldered on the board, then rerelocate it gently and also very closely, because it can reason major damage to the circuit tracks.

2. Problems pertained to the wires, pins, and also motherboard tracks.

If dc jack is ok and also it seems physically excellent too, then we can solve it as much as take power earlier to our lapoptimal.

Scenario 1: dc-in jack has a separate connector for the motherboard

First, take out the connector of jack from the motherboard, then attach the adapter to the dc jack. Now check out the voltage on the power jack connectors, tright here shouldn’t be any voltage as expected. 

To deal with it, situate the damaged wire or disconnected pin of dc jack, currently effectively sign up with it and also solder it. If you have actually warmth shrink tubes, you have the right to likewise usage them for reinforcement. Recheck the voltage; it must be there as you have made the link. Reattach every little thing and assemble the lappeak.

Scenario 2: dc-in jack is soldered on the motherboard

Unfavor the above process, it needs a little extra caution because we’re going to job-related on the motherboard. So, what is the situation:

DC jack is wobbling

This case occurs due to dry soldering, and also our repeatedly force make it worse. To resolve it, use the flux on the all pin of the jack and appropriately solder it aacquire.

The motherboard track is shed, or any pin is damaged

It deserve to be physically viewed, for this repair you need some advance skill, because a wrong link have the right to make your laptop unrepairable. To deal with it, first discover out which track is melted, implies, is it +VE, GND or sensing signal. Then solder a wire straight on that area from the jack pin, wbelow the track is going to.

Now stop it from gaining damaged aacquire, apply warm glue or any epoxy mixture. It gives reincompelled joint to the motherboard and also make it able to withstand in situations once it moves earlier and forth while associated to the adapter.

Keep in mind, usage a thick copper wire to avoid from burning, and don’t let the glue inside the dc-in connector.

General Q & A on just how to repair a lapheight dc jack

How carry out I understand if my lapheight charger port is broken?

Sometimes it deserve to be physically checked out from the exterior. If your lappeak charging pin is not appropriately getting fit inside the dc jack, or the facility pin is damaged (if available), or it’s wobbling, there are better opportunities your lappeak charger port damaged. For full inspection, you have to take acomponent the lapoptimal.

How perform you solder DC power jack?

The soldering process is even more comfortable than rerelocating the dc jack, specifically if it’s straight soldered on the motherboard. For soldering a dc jack, place it inside the pinholes on the motherboard, then use flux. Now solder every one of its pins one by one to the motherboard relationships through melted soldering wire.

If your lapheight has a dc jack through a motherboard connector, then it’s reasonably more straightforward. You have to insert the connector to the motherboard and tighten the dc jack in its area as before.

Why is my lappeak plugged in and also not charging?

Usually, this difficulty occurs as a result of a faulty battery pack. Remove the battery from the notebook and power it on through just ac adapter; if it’s gaining on, it’s probably time to say goodbye to your battery.

Can I leave my lappeak plugged in overnight?

The laptop computers charging circuit is quite smart, and it will certainly stop charging the battery, as quickly as it gets to 100% of its power. As such, tbelow is no danger of damaging the battery, and you deserve to let it plugged in overnight.

Can I usage a different brand also charger for my laptop?

No, you shouldn’t, it will eighter damages the adapter or your laptop. If the adapter power rating is below the notebook, most likely it will blow out, not instantly but sucount when you increase the load on your computer. While the charger rating is better, then it have the right to burn out the lappeak circuit.However before, in a lot of cases, you won’t uncover the charger through the very same pin dimension and various ratings, yet not difficult as well.

Can you charge a USB C laptop with a phone charger?

As lengthy as the lapoptimal supports the Type-C charging, you deserve to charge it with the phone charger; It doesn’t matter what USB-C charger you usage. However, the charging time would be different according to the charter capacity.

Is it bad to use a lapoptimal while charging?

No, you deserve to use your lapheight while charging without any kind of trouble. If it’s gained totally charge it will certainly immediately start working on the adapter power.

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How perform I find out what charger my lapheight needs?

You have the right to search for it with the version variety of your lapoptimal. This number have the right to be uncovered on a sticker put on the bottom of the lapheight computer.You have the right to also uncover a compatible charger corresponding the connector kind and also wattage rating.