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How to fake a pregnancy test with apple juice to prank your partner?

False positives as soon as doing a pregnancy test at residence are fairly widespread.

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As such, many type of womales have sought substances that can develop a false positive to prank their loved ones or for various other personal factors.

One of those substances, which has actually acquired quite the attention on social media sites is apple juice.

While we carry out not condone this prank and discover it to be in poor taste, we still sought answers in instance you have actually thought through the prank and desire to proceed.

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How perform Pregnancy Tests Work?

A pregnancy kit tests for the visibility of the hCG (humale chorionic gonadotropin) hormone in urine.

When the odiffer or egg is fertilized by the sperm in the fallopian tube, the fertilized egg travels and also attaches to the wall surfaces of the uterus.

This procedure takes 6 to 12 days, after which, the body starts developing the hCG hormone.

hCG hormone is only present after the embryo has actually attached to the walls of the uterus, and is proof of pregnancy.

The amount of hCG hormone rises overtime.

With home pregnancy experimentation kits, the majority of test for hCG that’s over a certain level (from 25 to 50).

The number varies in between brands, yet works given that such levels must be feasible with a fertilized egg.

This is mostly after missing your periods.

Pregnancy kits have particular enzymes that adjust the color of the strip in a trial and error kit or cause the revelation of a line that signals pregnancy.

All you have to carry out is pee on the experimentation stick or dip it in a cup of urine.

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How to Fake a Pregnancy Test With Apple Juice


Most over-the-respond to testing kits use urine to test for pregnancy.

But you do not necessarily need to take the test unmuch less you want to ascertain the outcomes.

One of the initially hints to look out for is the color and odor of your urine.

During the early on days of pregnancy, the urine’s odor tends to gain more potent because of the hCG hormone’s raised production.

But remember, throughout pregnancy, your senses, especially the sense of smell, heightens in the initially weeks.

Color-wise, your urine tends to dilute than it does under normal situations.

When you drink many water, your urine transforms shade from yellow to a more colorless shade.

But when you are pregnant, it might gain to a bright yellow.

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Acomponent from the smell or shade of the urine, some women have actually reported that their urine gets hotter than it normally is.

That’s because, during pregnancy, your body temperatures also boost many thanks to the raised metabolism.

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