By sindicate looking at it, I have the right to say that the expect is around 10 or 9.8 (middle value) which, once calculating from my dataset, is actually the 9.98.

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I understand that the standard deviation is a measure that is used to quantify the amount of variation or dispersion of a collection of data values.

How can I estimate the traditional deviation by sindicate looking at the histogram?



It obviously relies on the distribution, but if we assume that the distribution at hand is sensibly normal, the full width at fifty percent maximum (FWHM) is basic to eye-ball, and also as is declared in the given link, it relates to the standard deviation $sigma$ as $$FWHM approx 2.36sigma$$for a normal distribution.

Edit: Let"s try to apply this for your distribution. I"d say that the full maximum of your distribution is around 0.08, so the fifty percent maximum is 0.04. Now all the should number out is the width at that height, which I"d say is about 10. Using the formula above, we uncover that $$sigmaapprox frac102.36approx4.24.$$


Assume normal circulation wbelow 99.7% (~100%) of values autumn within 3 typical deviations from the suppose. This means your $x_min$ and also $x_max$ values define the complete expectations of the domain and also are each approximately 3 standard deviations from the mean, leading to:

$$ sigma = fracx_max - x_min6 $$

In over case, $sigma approx frac20 - (-5)6 approx 4.17$


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