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Well I"ve searched and searched, and everyone talks about a ticking noise on startup that goes ameans after the truck warms up. Well mine ticks all the time, noticeable only at low speeds. It is not loud, can only heard via the radio off. Mine is a 6-speed manual version. Should I be worried, or is this normal stuff on these motors? My motor has 120k on it.Thanks!Chris

Not normal however via 120k miles the engine isn"t "fresh". Could either be valve tap or exhaust leak. IIRC tbelow was some type of respeak to or somepoint for damaged exhaust manifold studs or something on some of these trucks.BTW I"d KILL to have actually a manual trans behind my 4.7L. How"s your mpg and also just how carry out you prefer the truck?
I just bought the truck the various other day, so I do not yet recognize what my mileage is. The overhead computer claims I"m at 14 right currently, and also I have been driving prefer an old man. I can not wait to see what the actual mileage transforms out to be. I m reasoning that the tapping is indeed valve or lifter connected. I just hope it"s semi normal for these electric motors. Time will tell. The reason I bought this truck was for the hands-on trans! That and also I choose how it looks.

My 02 4.7 had a ticking noise once initially founding on my original motor approximately 249,000 and when we swapped out and put in a provided 69,000 mile motor it does the exact same thing. i have actually talked to others who skilled this and it seems to be a quirk of the 4.7s? Mine appears to quiet dvery own after motor warms up.

Some minor valve train noise is normal for the 4.7L for sure, particularly upon cold begin. Mine is bacount tbelow anymore(perhaps has actually something to perform through the amsoil and also wix filter I"m now using?)I used to always noticed it, currently I never do, I actually forgained around it.
My 2008 with 4.7 does it additionally. Drives me crazy. I"ve tried numerous different oils and additives via no success. Right currently I"m running Royal Purple through a NAPA filter which is a Wix. Still does it. My truck simply turned 74000 miles this day.

^does it carry out it constantly? Or only once cold? Some slight valve tap is fairly normal on the 4.7L, and also 99% of the moment does not cause any kind of issues.

the Ticking is normal on 4.7 but is famed to be a pest on your nerves and many of us. The just way to rerelocate the ticking is to replace the valve adjusters which is aka Lifters on the majority of other automobile and also trucks. These are well-known for ticking at all speeds periodically only cold starts. Save up and gain them out and also enjoy the 4.7.
i got an 08 4.7 and also ive had it for about over 2 years and obtaining a lil concerned with these comments and also postd around a ticking noise cuz im not sure if mine does it. is it a very noticeable ticking or tapping that i would notification it best away? or is it something i must attempt and listen to from now on?
ok thanks. however im sure later on as soon as i gain into my truck im gonna completely be all paranoid and also stuck currently trying to listen for it from now on. lol
lol. When I initially gained my truck it had actually about 35k miles on it, and also at initially begin I would certainly constantly hear tapping for favor 20 secs or so. It drove me nuts. Now the truck has around 60k miles on it and also I do not also know if it still does it, I guess I forgained around it. Just ignore it(unmuch less it is an obviously negative noise).
Before you go and also rearea the adjusters, I simply wanna cite that I just rebuilt my engine at 278k miles and the shop that rebuilt my heads soaked my old adjusters in diesel for a day and also they only ticked on the initial startup. I am sitting at 291k miles now with zero tick. I am running Mobil 1 5w30 via FRAM Extended duty filters.I additionally desire to point out that I purchased my truck with 120k miles on it a little under 4 years earlier and it had the tick on startup. It always went away after the engine warmed up and also it never before got any worse on the means to 278k miles.

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I didn"t read any conclusion to this. My brand-new "03 sounds prefer a diesel on start then warms to a solitary lifter TAP TAP TAP that drove me to rearea the lifters which didn"t assist. I"d really prefer to hear from someone who has solved it. The TICK or TAP or PECK is noticeable enough that passersby comment that I have a bad lifter and also I don"t crave the attention. ;-)
They need to not ever call for shimming nor perform I reccomfinish this. I took members advise and swapped out all lifters, rockers and even played roughly through shims, all via zero impact. In the finish it turned out to be a failed timing chain tensioner. Tright here is a tiny ratcheting backstop arm that keeps the tensioner cshed to the slide once there is no oil pressure. If the little foot breaks off, it permits the tensioner to completely slack off. It sounds the same to valve chatter and also echos in the valve covers so it"s tough to isolate. It"s really loud until oil pressure builds sufficient to stress it up.Once you know to look, it is easy to spot that one or both of the chains are loose.I only wish the solution was as simple. There was unalso wear on my video camera gears so I was required to replace my whole timing device.