ahh well I was not aware of that thank you, will need to look aacquire in the settings, as first time via controller using blanks was not bound to any type of switch With a controller, blanks are default set to clicking in both sticks. You"ll check out it under controls as "alternate empty binding" or some such before you go into the actual bindings list, though it does not actually show up in sassist list as such.

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ok under the modify controller binds just found Drop Item and also Drop Gun, yet sadly no Drop Passive option was in the listing.... :fsad: See my original post where I defined how it have the right to be done, The controller strategy have to be comparable and not in the option food selection, or atleastern I think so however I couldn"t number it out
Well holding tab simply bring up your map. So attempt bringing up the map through choose, and check out if you deserve to click on the items on the map screen?
Ok I found it now: making use of LT for map usage D-pad Left or Right to select a things and Y button to drop :fhappy: I will certainly check this next runThanks dude
Ok I found it now: making use of LT for map usage D-pad Left or Right to choose a things and also Y button to drop :fhappy: Just to confirm, this is exactly how you drop items. It"s reasonably subtle: Hold map open up Use D-pad to highlight undesirable item Press button that is triggered on the left of the map
its straightforward you push the switch of the map and also you use the arrowhead to leaft and also ideal and also push Y and you drop the passive iten
Id prefer t tension that if you transformed the keybinds (which i uncover extremely likely), you wont actually be able to drop an item from the map menu. I lost a blank because of this.
Id choose t anxiety that if you altered the keybinds (which i discover incredibly likely), you wont actually have the ability to drop an item from the map food selection. I lost a blank bereason of this. Ala lot of certain it"s simply because the prompt on the map display screen is for the default binding. Whatever before you changed that button to is the one you"ll should use to drop the passive item, I"m sure.

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