I have found the should format message in tiny caps (with minuscule letters looking prefer resources, yet still maintaining their size) in Google Docs. I have looked over, under, and in the Docs choice menus, but I still have actually not found any type of such point.

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I need to use little caps to a small font dimension, and the font size will not go any further dvery own, so the approach of scaling all-caps message of a smaller sized font size will not occupational.



Yes you can, yet I don"t recognize exactly how to do it, at leastern not directly. However, it is feasible. If you copy in message that"s already tiny caps (e.g. from wikipedia), Docs will certainly keep the establishing. You have the right to then set one of the styles (e.g. Heading n) to this copied text and usage it to format other bits of your document as required. Changing the font, dimension, and other features doesn"t lose the tiny caps setting. It seems that Docs recognizes small caps as a font attribute but simply doesn"t expose it using the UI.

So for instance, I have the right to create a brand-new doc, copy in a little bit of text in small caps, adjust the Heading 3 style to capture the setting and also then delete the text. Then, eincredibly time I require message in little caps, I set it to Heading 3. It"s clunky but functions for me.


Working on a Google doc, tright here is a header titled "Add-ons" - click on that.

Then choose "Get Add-ons".

I did a search on tiny cap and also "Capitals" came up. Downpack the program.

Highlight the message or team of text you"d choose to show up in tiny caps, go to the "Add-ons" header, choose "Capitals" and also "Add small caps".

Hope this works for you too!


Interestingly, the Google Doc API supports smallCaps: https://developers.google.com/docs/api/reference/rest/v1/documents#TextLayout.FIELDS.small_caps

So one solution (that you were not in search of, obviously) would certainly be to use that API :)

As of today (Feb 2021), I didn"t find it in the Google Docs UI, either.


You can constantly additionally simply create the text then make the ones you want to be "tiny capped" a smaller sized size.

(Right currently I can"t present it correctly but say the message below is what you want to type. Make the bold/italics part a bigger dimension than the remainder.)



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