Whether you favor Ariana Grande’s music or not, you’ve sudepend noticed her unbelievable hair. It’s favor magic. It’s astronomical. It’s gained volume to spare. It has actually personality.

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It’s absolutely amazing. I personally love her fifty percent up half down look that she loves to rock. I kbrand-new that I had to learn just how to finish the exact same look on my own hair.

Do you additionally want to learn exactly how to carry out your own half ponytail at home? With some assist from Imogen via Foxy Locks Girls, we’ll be breaking down the strategy step by step so that you can end up being a pro at the Ariana Grande hair look that’s sweeping the nation.

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Ready to understand the half up ponytail? Let’s begin!

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How to Do a Big Half Ponytail

How to Do a Big Half Ponytail

To pull off this look, you’ll need a few points.

Paddle Brush: Your favorite will certainly execute. You’ll want to rerelocate tangles and also smooth your hair throughout the procedure.

Backcombing Comb: You’ll be backcombing rather a little bit to add volume so make certain you have actually a comb that can keep up.

Hairspray: Imogen recommends making use of one through argan oil. You’ll really prefer the included shine and also your hair will still feel herbal.

Hair Extensions: Chances are, you won’t have actually the amount of hair needed to duplicate this look. If this is the case, you’ll must produce your half ponytail through extensions.

Hair Clips/Elastics: You’ll require clips throughout the styling process and an elastic to produce a half up ponytail.

1. Begin with freshly waburned and dry hair. Brush via your hair to get rid of any kind of tangles and make it as soft as feasible prior to beginning to reproduce the half up fifty percent down hairstyle.


2. Section the height fifty percent of your hair and secure it on height of your head. No need to concern about what it looks choose. This is just to store it out of the method. Use a small clip to make certain it doesn’t slow-moving you dvery own.


3. To attain this look, you’ll require the aid of hair extensions. The amount of hair that you’ll require will vary based upon the length and volume of your current hair yet Imogen offers 20 inches.


4. Clip in the hair extensions, making sure to place them in the lower fifty percent of your hair. Make certain that they are completely surprise yet you don’t have to shoot for perfection through this hairstyle. Brush through your hair aacquire and spritz through a little bit of hairspray.


5. Using your Nume Curling Wand, begin curling tiny sections of the reduced section of your hair. With the hair extensions, this might take rather some time. Just don’t rush the procedure. Stick via little sections and work-related from one side of your head to the other till every one of your hair is curled. Remember to spray hairspray throughout the process for ideal outcomes.

6. Once every one of your hair is curled, start to backcomb for incredible volume. Working in sections, spray some hairspray on the roots and backcomb till the wanted amount of volume is completed.


7. Next, take your height section of hair down. Let it feverywhere your challenge and also clip your curled hair out of the way. Apply a 2nd hair expansion clip about the base of your optimal ponytail. Make certain that it’s secure. Gather all of your top section of hair into a high ponytail aobtain, taking a moment to brush any type of bumps or kinks out of the front. You desire the hair to be smooth and sleek from the forehead back.


8. You deserve to unclip the lower section of hair now that the top is secured. To hide the elastic, take a small section of top hair and wrap it roughly. Secure it via a clip. This step is optional yet it definitely creates an extra advanced look.


9. Take your Nume Curling Wand aobtain and also curl the optimal hair simply favor you did through the bottom area, working in small sections and spraying via hairspray as you go. Finish the top area by backcombing simply roughly the elastic. Remember that there’s no such point as also much volume via this hairstyle, so really add the volume below.


10. If you’re looking to really duplicate the Ariana Grande hairstyle, pull down any baby hairs that you have roughly your forehead. Imogen points out a bonus reminder of doing this. It helps to make your forehead look a little smaller!


11. Don’t provide up yet. You’re practically there. Take your hair brush and also brush your curls a bit. You don’t desire to remove them yet simply sfrequently them up a small little bit. Take a look in the mirror and backcomb any type of areas that need a tiny even more volume with your regular hair brush, concentrating on the optimal area.

12. Finish through a last burst of hairspray, placing your hair with your fingertips simply the method you want.

Once you’ve gathered your items, you’re all set to begin developing hairstyle magic. Here are your step by step instructions for achieving an Ariana Grande hairstyle.

Tbelow you have it! You’re currently ready to debut your Ariana Grande hair. You’ll love exactly how versatile this fifty percent ponytail style is. It functions good for one-of-a-kind occasions yet is also casual sufficient for a day of errands.

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No matter what, you’ll love the confidence that a look choose this can give you. With so much volume and also shine, you’ll really feel favor a star. Once you recognize how to perform a huge half up ponytail, you’ll always have a great style to loss back on.

If you’ve been in search of a new go-to hairstyle, fifty percent up fifty percent down hairlayouts are constantly famous. It’s a simple look for anyone to master and also you’re sure to obtain plenty of compliments on your new look. Try out the half ponytail today!