Eextremely as soon as in a while, once you are functioning on a presentation, you have to delete a slide that you don’t want to include in the last presentation. This process can differ slightly from one application to another. So, exactly how does on delete a slide in Google Slides?

To delete a slide in Google Slides, sindicate choose the slide from the “Filmsexpedition View” by clicking on it, and also press the backarea or delete vital on your keyboard. You deserve to also delete multiple slides by first selecting them by holding the shift key and also clicking each slide, and also then press the delete crucial.

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Doesn’t that sound fairly easy! Well, let me share through you a couple of various other points that you might likewise want to know when you delete slides in Google Slides. Don’t issue, this will certainly be quite brief, but packed via information!

So, let’s obtain started!

How to Delete a Single Slide in Google Slides?

If you desire to delete a solitary slide, you have the right to follow the technique that I explained above. But, tbelow are actually 5 different means in which you deserve to delete a solitary slide in Google Sildes!

It is possibly worthwhile to at leastern know what these approaches are. So, let me share these through you so that you can choose the one that functions for you the most!

Method 1 – Use Right-Click


The first technique is using the right-click function of your mouse.

Tip 1 – Select the Slide Select the slide by clicking on it in the left part of your Google Slides screen. You will certainly know that it is schosen as soon as you watch a yellowish background on it.

Tip 2 – Right-Click on the SlideThe next action is to right-click on the slide.

Step 3 – Click on DeleteWhen you right-click using the computer mouse or touchpad, a brand-new pop-up home window will open up up. Click on delete from this menu to delete the slide.

Method 2 – Using the Edit Menu


The next method is to use the food selection bar. Here’s how to delete a single slide making use of the second technique –

Tip 1 – Select the SlideMake certain that you select the slide by clicking on it on the left part of your Google Slides home window. Make certain it has been highlighted. You will certainly see a pale yellow shade on the particular slide in the left pane as soon as it is highlighted.

Tip 2 – Click on the Edit MenuFrom the menu bar on the peak part of your display screen, click the “Edit” menu.

Tip 3 – Click on DeleteWhen you click on “Edit“, a dropdown food selection will appear. Locate and click “Delete” to delete the slide.

Method 3 – Using the Slide Menu


This strategy entails utilizing the Slide menu. The procedure is rather comparable to the various other two approaches described above.

Step 1 – Highlight the SlideBegin via highlighting the slide. Make certain you watch the yellow color indicating that the slide has been highlighted before you move ahead.

Tip 2 – Click on the “Slide” MenuThe following action is really to click the “Slide” option in the food selection bar of Google Slides.

Tip 3 – Click on DeleteYou will alert a dropdown menu shows up. Ssuggest situate and click on the “Delete Slide” choice. This will certainly delete the schosen slide.

Method 4 – Press Backroom or Delete on Your Keyboard

This technique is probably the simplest of them all! The first point that you should perform is choose the slide that you desire to delete as explained in the over methods. Then, sindicate press the “Delete” or “Backspace” key on your keyboard.

That’s it!

Method 5 – Cut the Slide instead of Deleting It!


One last point that I would like to highlight is that you have the right to likewise reduced the slide rather of deleting it altogether. That method, if you want to paste it somewhere else in the presentation, you still have the right to do that instead of losing the slide completely.

If this is the method you choose, follow the listed below stated procedures –

Step 1 – Highlight the SlideBy currently, you perhaps have actually construed that you just have to click on the slide to highlight it.

Step 2 – Click on Edit option in the Menu BarNext off, just click on the “Edit” menu to open up the options under it.

Step 3 – Click on CutThe last action that you must carry out is ssuggest click on “Cut“. This will certainly reduced the slide from its present area.

Remember, if you reduced the slide and also don’t paste it in one more place prior to proceeding through various other occupational on your presentation, you will certainly end up losing that slide!

You deserve to additionally cut the slide by using a key-board shortreduced “Ctrl + X“.

How to Delete a Slide on an Android Phone or Tablet?

If you are utilizing an android device to accessibility your Google Slides presentation, and you desire to delete a slide on it, the procedures are slightly different.

Here’s how you have the right to delete a slide while making use of a Google Slides App on your Android Phone –

Open the Google Slides presentation on the slides app.Select the slide that needs to be deleted. Tap on the slide, and click “Edit Slide“Next off, long push or touch and also host the schosen slide for around 1 second from the left pane (or bottom component of your display screen depending on the phone orientation).Click on the 3 dots on the optimal best edge of your screen.From the dropdown food selection that shows up, click delete (or the trash have the right to icon).

How to Delete Multiple Slides in Google Slides?

Sometimes, you want to delete more than simply one slide at once! So, if you want to delete a entirety batch of slides at the same time, follow the below pointed out procedures –

Tip 1 – Highlight all the Slides to be Deleted


The initially step is rather crucial to obtain this procedure done appropriately. You initially must encertain that you have actually highlighted only the vital slides that you desire to delete.

To execute that, host the “Shift” essential on your key-board. Then, click on all the slides that you want to delete while holding the shift key all along.

You will certainly alert that all slides selected are highlighted in yellow shade (as indicated in the picture above).

Tip 2 – Delete the Slide

The next action is really to delete the slide. You have the right to follow any kind of one of the five approaches that have been described in the initially section.

The easiest strategy would be to press the “Delete” or “Backspace” key on your key-board.

You can likewise click on the “Slide” alternative in the menu bar. Then, from the dropdown, click on “Delete Slides” to delete all the schosen slides.

How to Unperform Deleted Slides in Google Slides?

While deleting slides in Google Slides, periodically we may inadvertently delete slides that we didn’t intfinish to delete. That can be really scary!

But, don’t worry, there is a basic way to reclaim slides that have been deleted by mistake. It is referred to as the “Undo” switch in Google Slides.

To unperform deleted slides in Google Slides –

Click on “Edit” in the food selection bar on the top of your screenFrom the dropdvery own, click “Undo

You have the right to additionally straight use the shortcut essential. The key-board shortcut for unperform command in Google Slides is “Ctrl+Z” (or “Cmd+Z” on Mac)

How to Delete a Google Slides Presentation?

We have already seen just how to delete a single slide or also multiple slides in Google Slides. But, what if you want to delete the complete presentation and start afresh!

Here’s exactly how to delete a Google Slides Presentation –

Login to your account – If you are not already logged in, Google will certainly ask you to log in to your account.Find the Presentation to be deleted – The following step demands you to situate the Google Slides presentation that you want to delete. You can look for it under the “Recent Presentations” area, or search for it by the name in the search bar on the peak of the Google Slides dashboard. Rerelocate the Presentation – To delete the presentation, sindicate choose it and also right-click it. From the menu that shows up, click “Remove“. You deserve to also click on the 3 dots and also then click “Remove

If you already have the presentation open up in front of you, then you don’t have to visit your Google Slides Dashboard. You can delete the presentation directly.

To delete a Google Slides presentation that is currently open up, go via the complying with actions –

Click on the “File” tab – from the food selection options, click the “File” food selection.Click on “Move to Trash” – You will certainly watch that a dropdvery own food selection appears. Click on the “Move to Trash” choice.

Your presentation will now be moved to the trash of your Google Drive together with all the other deleted documents from your Google Drive.

How to Recover a Deleted Google Slides Presentation?

It can be really annoying when you have deleted a complete presentation by mistake! You may have spent hrs and also hours functioning on the presentation, and all that initiative might simply go down the drainpipe as a result of a single mistake.

Fortunately, there is a means to restore your deleted Google Slides presentation! Here are the actions that you must follow in order to gain back a deleted Google Slides presentation –

Tip 1 – Go to Your Google Slides Home Screen

The initially step really is to not panic and also open your Google Slides Home Screen. You deserve to additionally open up the Google Slides house screen from the application drawer on the optimal appropriate edge of your screen on any kind of Google Workroom tab. (such as Gmail, Calendar and so on.)

Tip 2 – Click the Menu Option

From the height left edge of you display, click the hamburger menu. This will certainly be represented by 3 horizontal lines. Click on this symbol.

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Step 3 – Select Google Drive

When you click the hamburger food selection, you will certainly view a new home window open up on the left side of your window. From all the alternatives, click on “Google Drive“.

Tip 4 – Open the Trash Folder

Once you are in Google Drive, go to your “Trash” folder. You have the right to easily locate this in the assorted folder alternatives offered in the left component of your display.

Once you find it, simply click on it.

Tip 5 – Rekeep the File

Now that you are in the trash folder of your Google Drive, you need to be able to find the deleted presentation file. If you are unable to see it, simply type the papers by the “Trashed date” alternative in the descfinishing order.

Once you see the file, right-click on it. From the food selection that pops-up, click “Restore“.