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How to Cut a Cigar without a Cutter – 3 Easy Methods

Data under “What would certainly Bear Grylls do?” You’re ameans from residence, you lugged some of your favorite cigars to reap, yet you forgot your cutter and you’re nowhere close to a cigar store. Had you uncovered yourself minus a lighter or matches, at leastern you might make a fire, yet being able to reduced a cigar in the “traditional” means is out of the question. No trouble. Tright here are several ways to clip your cigar as soon as you’re stranded without a cutter.

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If you typically bring a knife via you, you’re in luck. Sindicate organize the head of the cigar firmly in one hand, then making use of the blade of your knife, area it about 1/16th of an inch from the optimal of the cap. Now, turn the cigar progressively (in the direction of the wrapper) and also the cap have to begin to pop-off about 3/4 of the way around. If the knife is really sharp you deserve to try placing the cigar on a tough level surchallenge and slice the cap off as you would certainly a slice of bcheck out. Otherwise, you hazard cracking the head of the cigar.In lieu of a knife, if you take place to have actually a single edged razor blade or a box cutter handy, either will certainly work simply as well.If you deserve to uncover a sharp, pointed tool or a little screw, sindicate “punch” the head of the cigar. If you’re in a wooded location, you have the right to use a tiny but firm twig, yet use a rock to sharpen the end first.If you’re fishing, try a fishhook. The barb will help open the finish a little even more for a much better draw when you pull out the hook.If you’re in a space where tright here are bushes via lengthy thorns, carefully break one off and also you’ve gained a piercer provided by Mother Nature.If you’re on the beach, attempt utilizing a sliver of broken shell, which must be simple enough to discover.

If you’re golfing, tright here is constantly a golf tee that have the right to be provided as a punch reduced right into the head of the cigar.

Even via all the cigar cutting devices accessible, a lot of cigar smokers use their teeth to “clip” their cigars. Those who perform this frequently have actually typically occurred a fool-proof approach over time. Take the head of the cigar and area the only the cap area in between your 4 front teeth, as you would certainly through a cutter. (You don’t desire to bite-off too a lot or the cigar might unravel.) Now, gradually, carry your front teeth together. This will certainly aid break with the cap. Just as your teeth meet…SNIP! It might look a tiny sloppy, however it works in a pinch.

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Do you have your own “in a pinch” cigar cutting solution? If so, please share it!

If you are not looking to usage any kind of of these techniques and also desire to include some brand-new backup tools to your repertoire check out these cigar cutters here!


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