Drawing a curved line through the pen tool or pencil is not the simplest point and it’s tough to get the perfect curve you desire. That’s why Adobe Illustrator has arisen tools that would help us get the appropriate curve we want.

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Working with Adobe Illustrator eincredibly day for about nine years currently, I’ve found the simplest way to curve lines utilizing various devices. Trust me, understanding these devices will certainly save you tons of time creating curve lines in Illustrator.

For instance, I use the Anchor Point Device to edit my pen tool routes and also the Curvature Device to make multiple curves lines and forms. And for me, the finest tool to make a curved corner is the Direct Selection Device.

In this write-up, you’ll learn three ways to curve a line in Adobe Illustrator in just 2 steps!

Let’s dive in.

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3 Ways to Curve a Line in Adobe IllustratorOther Questions?

3 Ways to Curve a Line in Adobe Illustrator

Note: Screenshots are taken from the Illustrator CC Mac version. Windows and also other versions might look slightly different.

Take this straightforward rectangle as an example. We can revolve it right into a fully different shape making use of the 3 various tools below to include some curves.

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