My everyday driver is a "99XC through a 16T and ARD tune. It didn"t ever run rather appropriate in the higher RPM variety though it is in a great state of repair, fresh ignition, rise leak tested, etc.... I ultimately acquired around to pulling the exhaust video camera VVT solenoid and checking it on the bench (last thing to check prior to pulling the fuel pump). Impedance read around best at 4.1 ohms (spec. is 3.7 ohm). Applied 12v battery supply and also nothing. Pulled it acomponent and let it soak with a little Berrymale B12, kept trying to actuate it and lastly I obtained a click. Kept at it until it was clicking nice and crisply through no delays - 15 minutes of cleanup. Reinstalled and low and behold my top RPM hesitation is a distant memory.

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Wife drives an "04 XC, all stock and low miles
60k. I noticed it had actually a little of a level spot / hesitation under light throttle problems. Think negative pedal sensor / failing MAF. Checked over every little thing and also finished up at the VVT solenoids. Her automobile had a hot start rattle that pointed at them anyhow. Pulled exhaust and also intake solenoids, exhaust was fine, intake was stuck exactly favor the "99. Cleaned it up, automobile runs choose butter now.

I don"t view a lot cite of these other than in threads relating to their total failure / fault codes thrown. Neither of these cars had any type of codes. Might be something to inspect if you have actually a car with a hard to pinsuggest running worry.

Note: some solenoids can not be opened and also cleaned, just the early style via 90 degree electric connectors.....

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Do you have any type of pictures of dissasembly/cleaning the solenoid?

I"d be interested in doing this to my spare solenoid prior to I put it on the car; yet I"m not really certain just how to continue.

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Ah balls, well I have actually the right kind so I"m out of luck tbelow. I"ll offer it a bench test though. Thanks

My "00 R had actually a surging idle worry that persisted across 3 ETMs, but I could never uncover a vacuum leak or any type of other explanation for the difficulty till it threw a code for the VVT reset valve (i.e. the solenoid). I cleared it and also it never came earlier, yet it was running so badly before Carlisle that in desperation I removed the solenoid and also inspected it. It was full of oil varnish and also sludge and the wiring had been damaged, so I bought a replacement solenoid from the dealer that included a brand-new gasket, wiring connector, and pigtail. I reinserted the solenoid and the wiring and the idle trouble disappeared.

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I tried cleaning the old solenoid before replacing it, however it was the style through the right connector and it didn"t seem like it made a difference.