Is your bathroom due for a facelift? Nothing is better for your bath than restoring grimy bathroom tile to a sparkling clean surface.

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Here we will certainly cover the various forms of bath tile and also grout and also how to save these moisture-prone surfaces clean. If you’re wondering exactly how to clean bathroom tiles without scrubbing, review on.

What forms of shower and bath tiling is available? 

Bathroom tiling is available in a variety of products, forms, and also sizes. The the majority of renowned bathroom tile products are ceramic, porcelain, glass, and stone.

Ceramic and also Porcelain Tile

For those with a restricted budgain, ceramic and also porcelain tiles are available at wallet-friendly prices. Ceramic and porcelain are obtainable in a large array of colors, looks, and also textures. Versatile and also stylish, ceramic and also porcelain tile blend well via most any type of style décor, modern, standard, contemporary, rustic, etc.

These tile products are appropriate for the bath as they are stain, scratch, and moisture-resistant.

Glass Tile

Glass tile has actually graced inner spaces for centuries. The Ancient Greeks supplied glass tiling arranged in beautiful mosaic fads to beautify their baths.

Glass tiling is still an affordable and also stylish alternative for bathroom walls and shower enclosures. Glass tile is obtainable in a large variety of colors, patterns, and also shapes.

It’s accessible as transparent, semi-transparent, or opaque. It may sparkle in the light or have a designer matte end up.

Glass tiling is nonporous and also resistant to moisture, humidity, stains, and mold. Although it is long lasting and also break-resistant, it may be prone to scratches.

Glass tile is simple to clean and does not absorb water, soap, or grime.

Natural Stone Tile

If you’re trying to find a much more organic, nature-motivated feel, organic stone is a fantastic option. Examples incorporate marble, granite, travertine, quartz, slate, sandrock, and limestone.

Durable and also flexible, herbal stone functions equally well on both bath floors and also walls. However, not all organic stone will certainly work-related well in the moist setting of a bath, so consult with a expert before deciding on a details style.

Granite, soapstone, and also travertine work-related well in a bath because they are much less porous than marble or slate. 

Each form of rock tiling has its own cleaning demands. For instance, to maintain porous stones, on a regular basis seal them to preserve their resistance to humidity and also stains. Popular porous stones incorporate soapstone and marble. 

To learn even more about cleaning organic stone in your bathroom, click below.

What forms of shower and also bath grout must be used? 

To fill the joints or spaces between ceramic or porcelain tile, usage a bonding product like grout. So be certain to fill in these bit spaces to proccasion mold and mildew growth. 

The joints have to be consistently maintained to prevent mold and also stains from seeping right into the surchallenge because this location is incredibly porous. When picking out a kind of grout for your tile, residence repair expert Danny Lipford says, “select a product that has actually the versatility to be offered in a large range of joint sizes, as some grout commodities deserve to only be used through grout joints of a specific size.”

The 4 types of grout for ceramic tile are fine sanded, unsanded, quarry form, and epoxy.

Unsanded grout is supplied for wall tiling, in areas wbelow the grout joint is much less than 1/8-inch wide.Finely sanded grout is offered for floor tiles in spots wbelow the joints are 1/8-inch to 3/8-inch wide.Quarry-form grout is comparable to carefully sanded grout, quarry-form grout consists of a coarser grain of sand also. Quarry grout is offered for joints that are 3/8-inch to 1/2-inch wide. It is regularly used through Saltillo tiles.Epoxy grout is a challenging grout that is best for bath countertops that take a beating. Epoxy grout is highly resistant to stains and also is known for its bonding toughness.

Grout isn’t stainproof, but add-ons such as a latex additive or sealer can aid prevent staining.

How does Wet & Foracquire Shower job-related to remove grime on bathroom tile?

Wet & Forgain Shower gets your shower tiles (wall surfaces and floors) sparkling clean via no scrubbing required! 

Wet & Forgain Shower functions while you sleep to knock out shower grime. So, in the morning, just rinse your bath tile to chase bath grime down the drainpipe. Rapid and easy!

However before, for the finest results, let Wet & Forget Shower sit on the surface for 8-12 hrs (however no more than 24 hours) prior to rinsing. 

To Apply Wet & Forgain Shower –

Open the flip cap on the bottle. Detach the trigger sprayer from its holding spot. Then gently pull on the clear tubing to uncoil the clear tubing. It will certainly stretch out to be 3 feet long. Firmly push the white, hose reminder into the opening on the cap until it clicks into place. Then rotate the lever before to the ‘OPEN’ establishing. Rotate the nozzle on the sprayer to the preferred setting (spray or stream). Treat shower surencounters. Turn the lever before to the ‘CLOSED’ setting on the cap opening and also return the sprayer back to its holding spot in the take care of. Let Wet & Forget Shower sit on the surface for 8 to 12 hours before thoapproximately rinsing. 

If you have hefty soap scum and also grime build-up, then pre-clean your shower. Otherwise, you may do numerous day-to-day applications till a clean shower is accomplished. Then start weekly cleanings. 

Wet & Forobtain Shower Saves You Time!


Many brands of no-scrub tile cleaners say you should spray your shower everyday for the ideal outcomes. Spraying your shower every day? Who wants another morning job before work?

Wet & Foracquire Shower keeps your bathroom tile sparkling clean via just a weekly spray. Plus, the high-effectiveness trigger sprayer renders using Wet & Forobtain Shower basic and basic so you’ll be done in no time.

Wet & Foracquire Shower Saves You Money!

With the majority of shower sprays, one bottle will certainly give you approximately 7 applications, or one week of cleaning. To store your shower clean, you’ll must buy several bottles a month.

Wet & Foracquire Shower packs 12 weeks of cleaning into one bottle. In addition, it keeps your shower sparkling for much less than one-3rd the price of comparable everyday shower sprays.

Does Wet & Forget Shower remove stains, mold, and mildew from grout?

Wet & Forobtain Shower will remove soap scum and also day-to-day surconfront dirt from tile grout and will certainly rerelocate surconfront mold and mildew stains. However, mold and mildew stains deserve to end up being installed in the grout.

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This is as a result of a moisture problem that exists behind the grout. The best way to remove installed stains is to remove the grout, treat the mold/mildew problem, and then add new grout.

Whether your bath tile is glass, ceramic, slate, or mosaic, Wet & Forget Shower provides your shower shine in no time!