​​Dryer vent cleaning is the process whereby lint is rerelocated from your dryer vent line, from the machine itself all the way through to the exterior vent. This lint is incredibly combustible, and the combination of a dryer vent line clogged through lint and also the sustained blast of warm air from your dryer creates an extreme fire hazard. Cleaning the vent line frequently, and also thoroughly, is crucial to house fire safety.Recently one of our technicians saw a home in Blaine, Minnesota, to clean out the dryer vent. The wife indeveloped our technology that the machine had actually not been drying apparel properly, and also that her husband also had actually tried to attend to the difficulty by taking a leaf breduced to it. The dryer vent linetired onto the roof. Our technician climbed the roof and discovered that the husband"s initiatives had actually merely puburned all the debris towards the vent opening, however without sufficient pressure to expel it, thereby producing a bigger clog and resulting in the damper to malfeature.

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What is the process for cleaning out a dryer vent with a leaf blower?e conventional DIY procedure fordryer vent cleaningvia a leaf breduced is to disconnect the clothes dryer from the wall and then insert the nozzle of a leaf breduced right into the air vent line wright here the dryer had actually been connected(avoiding the escape of air by wrappingthe location where the 2 attach with a towel, or a tape of some sort).The user would certainly then start up the leaf breduced, which is meant to propel the lint dvery own the line and also out the vent to the exterior.Why can this procedure not work?In order for this technique to be effective, your dryer vent line would have to satisfy several criteria, and most of them don"t:It need to be short in length—only a couple of feet lengthy. A leaf blower deserve to only purge a couple of feet of dryer vent.It must have no twists or transforms, simply a right swarm from machine to exterior. The blast of air from a leaf blower is not going to turn corners extremely well.It have to not be made of accordion-style flex ducting, just rigid metal. Lint often tends to collect in the folds of the accordion.It must have actually an exterior vent that is quickly accessible, to test for air circulation. The dryer vent cannot be thought about clean without trial and error for excellent air circulation.It should not have actually any kind of metal screening over the exterior vent (no dryer vent should!). These serve only to trap lint and also prevent its leave, developing a fire hazard. If all of these criteria are not met, you could quickly compound the problem by pushing all the lint to a details location and creating a clog. A a lot even more effective--reliably effective--process for cleaning the vent line is to usage a tool that willpullthe lint out to wbelow you have the right to see it, quite than pushing it to where you might not have the ability to.What is the correct technique of dryer vent cleaning?The many reliable strategy of dryer vent cleaning is to insert a tool referred to as a reverse spinning skipper round, attached to a high-pressured air line, from the outside vent with the length of the vent line to the dryer itself. When the tool is engaged, it reverse-blasts air from its nozzles and also spins. As it is pulled backward and also withdrawn, away from the dryer toward the external vent, it pulls the lint via it, expelling it via excellent force. This procedure have the right to be repeated as many kind of times as necessary until all lint is removed. The technician would certainly then examine the exit velocity to encertain appropriate air flow and to confirm the absence of any blockage.This is the process our technician provided at the home in Blaine, clearing the line entirely and achieving excellent air circulation. All in a day"s work!

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Our dryer is taking as well long to heat and many of our clothing are still wet after one load. My husband also noticed that the lints are additionally dirty and also we are thinking that we must speak to a dryer vent cleaning services to execute maintenance. As much as we want to clean it, we are afraid that we can damages something that deserve to cause a large trouble for us so we are urgently searching for a expert to inspect it and probably repair it if essential. Cheers!