As all house appliances, the home window air conditioner needs correct treatment, as well. If not cleaned routinely and also adequately, its effectiveness have the right to be reduced. That indicates it will usage even more power and it will be much less effective over time, which may seem like you haven’t gained an AC worth of the money you have paid.

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To avoid such a instance, you need to clean your tool consistently. Unfortunately, the means to clean a home window air conditioner is not a quick job for the majority of of us. However, if you follow instructions, you have the right to end up that task efficiently.

Why Do You Need to Clean a Window Air Conditioner?


Like the majority of tools, the home window air conditioner calls for maintenance. Thus, you should be prepared to clean it frequently for several reasons.

Clean Air

You and also the members of your family breathe the air that comes out of your home window air conditioner, which means that you must make certain that it is not harmful. Not cleaned and preserved correctly, the air conditioner deserve to be the source of various diseases.

If someone living in your residence suffers from allergies or asthma, you must put an added effort to clean a home window air conditioner. Always save in mind that a dirty tool ca boost allergic and asthma strikes.

Additionally, not just world via such difficulties are in peril. Even healthy human being can be at risk of getting sick from respiratory conditions led to by filthy air. Therefore, you have to take treatment of your wellness and also welfare.

Budgeting and damage

As you most likely know, eextremely tool functions better and also in complete capacity if it has actually constant maintenance. So, you have to clean a window air conditioner routinely.

Keep in mind that a dirty device will certainly usage even more energy and also be less efficient. Moreover, in such a instance, you will need even more money for repairs and also replacement components. Because of this, you will desire to clean a home window air conditioner to save money and prevent expensive repair expenses.

Material You Need to Clean a Window Air Conditioner

Luckily, you most likely have all you need for cleaning in your household, and also tright here will be no additional costs to clean a home window air conditioner.


Bucket of water or garden hoseWaterDish soapPhilips screwdriver3% hydrogen peroxide or bleachSpray bottleOld cloth or paper towelsSoft brush

You deserve to use bleach as a great choice to clean a home window air conditioner given that it destroys mold. Unfortunately, it will certainly likewise destroy steel and also some parts of your AC. My advice is to look carefully at the instruction on how to clean your device. If they don’t cite bleach as a possible cleaning alternative, you have to stop it.

In many cases, 3% hydrogen peroxide is excellent enough to clean all filthy components of your AC. Almeans attempt to be cautious to protect yourself considering that this agent deserve to be pretty harmful in call via your skin or eyes.

Protective equipment

Rubber glovesMaskProtective goggles or glassesOld fabric or paper towels

Different Types of Cleaning

There is a difference in between weekly, monthly, and also seasonally cleaning. The procedure is different, and the material and devices required.

Weekly and monthly cleaning

When you clean a window air conditioner weekly or monthly, you mostly need to clean the filter since it gets dirty more regularly. Thus, the process of cleaning is less complicated. How commonly you will certainly perdevelop filter cleaning will depfinish on many determinants.

Tright here is an instruction for cleaning eexceptionally AC, and you should check out wbelow to look for the air filter before founding the job. You have the right to also check out if the filter is washable or you need to readjust it.

If your filter is washable, you will must revolve off a home window air conditioner initially. Then, take out the filter, spray it through water and also dish soap, and rinse it thoroughly. Leave it to dry and avoid turning on the AC until the filter becomes entirely dry.

Seasonal cleaning

Like you have currently known, you need to take off your window air conditioner prior to the cold weather, load it, and also store it in the safe and also dry place. That way, you will ensure your gadget is safe and not exposed to adverse weather problems in the time of the winter.

In such a case, it is advisable to execute a seasonal cleaning before using the home window air conditioner after a cold duration. Even if you put window awnings over the gadget, the dirt and also filth can get inside the exterior unit.

There are 2 major ideologies to clean a home window air conditioner, and you can pick the method that suits you better.

1. Cleaning via rerelocating a home window air conditioner


Start via turning off the cord from the electrical energy. Afterward, you need to dismantle the unit from a single-hung window or double-hung home window. Place it somewhere wbelow you have the right to spill water and make some mess. The ideal locations are your garden, yard, and also bathroom.

Once you have actually discovered the perfect location take the needed devices. Firstly, you must remove the filter from the AC. Then, you should spray it with water and also dish soap and leave to soak for 10 to15 minutes, so you might easily wash amethod the dirt.

The following step is to remove the fins and also all the screws by using a Philips screwdriver. You must be careful with screws and also take treatment not to shed any kind of of them. Spray the fins and leave to soak, as well.

Afterward, you should take off the front mask. The principle is the same as formerly. Rerelocate all the screws and also put them amethod carefully. Check one more time if all screws are out prior to taking the mask from the AC.

Some models of window air conditioners have a really fragile cover made of 2 components, so you must be mindful while pulling them off the AC. Once the cover is off, you have to spray it and leave it to soak. Pay attention to filth in covert locations, and make certain to spray it thoapproximately.

Once you have done spraying the cover facets, it is time to carry out the very same via the inside component of your window air conditioner. You have to be patient and also take your time as it has a lot of unapproachable places wbelow you have the right to watch the dirt.

If you worry around the soaking of electrical parts, you have to remember that AC is wet inside anymethod. Because of this, you can freely spray every little thing, a fan, wheel, aluminum back panel, as well as all other obtainable components.

After 10 to 15 minutes, it is time to take the garden hose or bucket with water and rinse all the dirt out. You need to usage a soft brush so that you have the right to brush out dirty and also clogged parts even more thoapproximately.

It is of high prestige to rinse all parts entirely, specifically bubbles or bleach. Once the cover, the filter, and also the inside of the home window air conditioner are clean and shiny, you should leave them to dry for 2 to 4 hours. Then, put all components ago together and install the tool back to the home window.

2. Cleaning without rerelocating a home window air conditioner


It can be hard to clean a home window air conditioner without disconnecting it from the wall as you require a significant amount of water. However before, it is feasible with a tiny more initiative.

Before starting the project, you have to put some buckets under your AC. Then, take off the screws of the frontal instance or mask and take out the filter.

Afterward, you must spray the gadget and also wipe it with the dry cloth at the very same time. Repeat the procedure till you watch the frontal and also inner components are totally clean. Don’t foracquire to spray the filter and also rinse it, as well. It is a terrific principle to carry out so in your bath or sink.

The following action is to go outside and spray the AC without rerelocating the cover. Do it wherever before you check out the hole. Leave the agent and also water to soak all the components of the gadget for roughly 15 minutes.

Then rinse the gadget with water from the hose or bucket. Make sure not to pour a big amount of water automatically. It is better to usage less water over a more extfinished duration. While doing so, you will certainly view the dirt originates from the bottom holes of the outside unit.

You will know a home window air conditioner is clean when the water coming out becomes clean. If necessary, you have the right to repeat the soaking part, but always rinse the detergent or bleach afterward.

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Once you have actually finiburned with the cleaning, you must leave all the parts to dry for at leastern 2 to 4 hours. After putting earlier all the pieces together, your seasonal cleaning is finished.


A dirty air conditioner deserve to be the resource of different lung and respiratory infections. Adequate and also continual cleaning will certainly carry you peace of mind and also many benefits to your health and wellness. Plus, it is the way to extend the life of your AC and conserve money. Such a win-win situation!