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I"ve heard of using carb cleaner to test for vacuum leaks, yet I don"t have actually any on hand. Can I use WD40?
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Any volitle spray (founding liquid, brake clean, WD 40) wil work. Keep a fire extinguisher close to by. A safer technique is to use a water spray mist. You will obtain the oppowebsite result as a flammible, yet the result will still be a readjust in engine rpm.
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I favor to usage brake cleaner. I don"t favor using somepoint that leaves stuff behind aka oil mist from WD40. You"re going to have actually a mess. plus WD isn"t really that areosol
Or if youre checking actual vaccume lines you can put some electric tape on the teeth of a pair or vice grips and also clamp off the lines at both ends to see if the idle transforms.
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