In the effort to be distinctive, Snapchat customers have taken to transforming their own Snapchat icon. Your Snapchat icon is already a distinct identifier for any kind of Snapchat user to scan and be lugged immediately to your profile. So, prefer any type of trfinish, human being made a decision to readjust the extremely shade from the ugly, neon yellow to something even more than style.

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Not convinced? Once you read the procedures below, you too will certainly have an elaborate brand-new Snapchat symbol sporting a shade of your alternative. All it takes is a little bit of downloading and install and a slick editing regimen to make it job-related.

How to Change Your Snapchat Icon Color

Now, let’s preconfront this guide by making it clear that Snapchat doesn’t sell this alternative natively. Instead, you downfill your Snapchat code and usage your alternative of photo modifying to produce the result you desire. There’s scores of users that include their own shade gradients, solid colors and every one of the above, by utilizing this technique.

So, the initially action is to grab a copy of your Snapchat code. What you don’t want to carry out is download the variation that’s easily accessible in the Snapchat application. That version is of a much reduced resolution than the one you’ll be working with. Any time you’re editing images, choosing a greater resolution will mitigate any type of stretching impact and bad pixels.

Here’s what you do:

1. Open your wanted web browser application. Once opened, head over to Snapchat’s homeweb page.

2. Now, in the height ideal edge you’ll watch a menu icon, the three horizontal lines. Tap on them to disclose a drop dvery own menu.


3. In the drop dvery own menu, choose Snapcodes.

4. When prompted, tap Log in through Snapchat to sign in via your Snapchat account.

5. Once you’re logged in, tap the hyperlink “My Snapcodes,” located under “MAKE A SNAPCODE!”

6. From your list of Snapcodes, select My Snapcode. You will be redirected to Account Management.

7. Tap MY SNAPCODE aacquire. It’s at the peak of the menu.


8. Take your finger and push and organize it against the Snapcode. When prompted, select Save Image.

Note: If the alternative isn’t accessible, scroll dvery own and tap Download Snapcode. You can then perdevelop Tip 8.

9. Your following move is to downpack and install modifying software application to your device. Some excellent suggestions are PicsArt (Android | iOS) and also Pixlr (Android | iOS). However, nearly anything will certainly occupational so long as it can:

Turn your Snapcode black and also whiteHas gradient choices and also or shade slider


10. Depending on your editing software application, simply changing the shade through the Hue tool will certainly suffice. However before, you have the right to produce a cleaner version by first altering it to black and white, then including shade wbelow crucial. Some apps, favor PicsArt, have actually a Gradient tool that applies a cascade of colors via various staminas in shade.

11. When the image is finish, tap Save, yet execute conserve it as a new copy. Keep your original Snapcode image clean for future use, simply in case you want a various shade. It keeps the quality as high as feasible.

12. Post your recently produced Snapcode to social media, sfinish it to friends, print it out on fliers, and so on.

Conversely, you have the right to perdevelop the same actions on a computer. If you take place to have actually editing and enhancing software program on your computer system that you find is more comfortable to use, by all indicates use it. If you percreate the measures on a computer, all you need to do is plug your phone right into your computer and drag and also drop the freshly developed Snapchat code into your phone’s storage. From tbelow you are complimentary to send it anywhere you want.

Bottom Line

With your Snapchat code currently sporting a brand-new shade, it can be really great for grabbing the attention of others. In fact, developing a uniquely colored Snapchat icon is pretty prevalent in advertisement, especially color gradients. And the ideal part? The code still works for anyone that desires to scan it; the shade was never part of the code, it’s the dots that are scattered around.

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So long as you leave the dots alone, the Snapchat code will always be a viable shortcut to your profile, web page or business.