Windows 7 offered timeless themes, which enabled users to adjust the highlight colour. In later on versions consisting of Windows 10, there are no classical themes which and the majority of people uncover it difficult to change the highlight colour. This article will teach you exactly how to adjust both the background and also text highlight color for all system apps, Windows and dialogs.

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Default Windows 10 Highlight Colour

When utilizing built-in themes in Windows 10, the default highlighted text colour is white while the background is blue. You will likewise alert the background highlight that is out of emphasis is gray. The default colours may differ slightly relying on the variation of Windows 10 you are utilizing. Whether you desire to prevent eyestrain or for whatever before factors you desire to readjust the colours to a various one, tbelow are 2 ways of functioning this out

Option 1: Using High Contrast Themes

High comparison design template is a simple access feature in Windows 10 that supplies distinct colors to make text and apps easier to view. To switch to the High comparison theme:

Go to the Start Menu and click the gear symbol or press the ‘Success + I’ secrets on the keyboard to open the Setups app.

Select the “Ease of Access” settings and on the left pane click the “High contrast” option


Under the “Use high contrast” section, switch the toggle switch on.

Click the down facing arrow under “Choose a layout and also pick one of the high contrast themes from the provided themes.


Here you have the right to customize the design template by modifying the colours of miscellaneous items including:

‘Text’ - will certainly adjust the colour of the normal window message.

‘Hyperlinks’ - will certainly change the colour of the web links on Windows apps and also set up programs.

‘Button Text’ - for editing and enhancing the switch background and message colour.

Background - to set the basic windows background.

‘Schosen Text’ - to readjust the colour of highlight text and background.

We will largely focus right into the details of modifying the ‘Schosen Text’ colours however you can try to transform the various other settings to personalize your theme.

To change the highlight message colour, click the first box beside “Schosen Text” and choose your wanted colour in the resulting colour panel and then click “Done”.

Use the second box to change the highlight background colour. You deserve to play approximately through the colours while checking the preview beside the boxes till you obtain the colours that suit your taste. It is advisable to select contrasting colours for the message and also background to encertain that the text is visible.

Once you obtain the right colours, click the “Apply” button at the bottom of the High Contrast settings page to use the transforms.

You will be triggered to save the new template. Type the name of your practice template and click the “Save” switch on the dialog box that appears



Option 2: Changing the Highlight Colour in System Registry

Another method to change the Windows 10 highlight colour is with the registry editor.

Tip 1: Opening the Registry Editor

Press ‘Win + R’ secrets on the key-board to open the run utility.

Type ‘regedit’ and press the “Ok” button to open the Registry Editor

Alternatively, go to the Window search bar, type ‘Registry’, and click “Regisattempt Editor” from the search outcomes.

The User Account control popup will certainly appear. Click “Yes” to proceed.

Tip 2: Navigating the Regisattempt Editor

On the left pane of the editor, click the arrowhead to expand the folders to navigate to the “HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINESOFTWAREMicrosoftWindowsCurrentVersionThemesDefaultColorsStandard” vital.

On the appropriate pane, you will find a list of standard default colour values mirroring the name, form and also the value data.

Look for “HighlightText” and double click the value to edit

You will call for the hexadecimal worth for your desired colour.

Step3: Getting the Colour Value Data

The shade value is an 8-digit hexadecimal value representing the RGB (Red, Environment-friendly, and also Blue) code. For instance, the default highlight colour in windows 10 is dark blue and also the REG_DWORD worth is ‘00d77800’ wright here d7 represents Blue, 78 is Eco-friendly and also 00 is Red. Keep in mind the plan of the RGB code starting via 00, blue, green then red.You have the right to use the MS Paint 3D regimen to obtain the hexadecimal value of a particular colour.

Open the Windows Repaint 3D program and on the appropriate panel, choose the colour of option. Click the button to modify colour to select a custom colour.

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Below the on the left side of the colour pallet, you have the right to check out the pevaluation of the choose colour, the RGB value and also the Hexadecimal worth.

For the instance in this post, we desire to change the colour of the highlighted message to Yellow. The RGB code (Red,GreenandBlue)is255 242 0while the hexadecimal code isfff200as presented in the photo below