In a relocate that renders the eBay marketlocation even more like Amazon, eBay told sellers that all fixed-price listings on site would become irreversible, or in eBay parlance, “Good Til Canceled” (GTC). But sellers will still need to pay listing fees every 30 days.

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eBay determined a fairly benign name for the adjust, “Fixed price listing duration readjust,” but that didn’t stop many sellers from reacting vehemently to the adjust.

At this time sellers deserve to pick a shorter duration for fixed-price listings, and also GTC is entirely optional. But as part of the eBay Early Seller Upday, eBay announced: “Starting in mid-March 2019, the listing duration for all brand-new resolved price listings on eBay will be Good ‘Til Cancelled.”

“Good ‘Til Cancelled listings rebrand-new automatically eexceptionally 30 days unless your item sells prior to that timestructure,” eBay declared, while sellers might continue to choose the auction format.

Among the major questions sellers are raising are roughly GTC fees. eBay explained: ” We charge an insertion fee every 30-day period. Good ‘Til Cancelled listings count toward your monthly zero insertion fee listings. Fee amounts are based on the terms in result when the listing goes live and also once it renews.”

And in the FAQs, eBay answered the question, “How regularly will I be charged for Good ‘Til Cancelled listings?” through the following answer:

“Good ‘Til Cancelled listings will rebrand-new automatically eexceptionally 30 days unless your item a) sells prior to that timeframe (other than for sellers who have allowed the out of stock feature), b) you cancel your listing, or c) eBay ends your listing as an outcome of an eBay policy violation. Each time your listing renews, the listing will either count towards your monthly totally free listing allotment, or you will incur the conventional insertion fee based upon your eBay Store subscription level.”

eBay described why it was making the change:

Today, over 80% of resolved price listings on eBay are Good ‘Til Cancelled. Because of their much longer duration, Good ‘Til Cancelled listings, perhaps have better expocertain to buyers and might be more likely to sell. Other benefits of Good ‘Til Cancelled listings include:

Imverified SEO Listings keep their interested buyers Out-of-stock function No seller action compelled to relist items End listings at any time and also relist once you want to Simplified selling flow Retained sales history for multi-quantity listings, which boosts search rankings

You have the right to check out even more on the eBay Early Seller Update announcement.

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And we tackled some of the questions and also objections we’re seeing from sellers on the Blog.