Add your occasion to Facebook to promote, share, and sell tickets on Facebook. Attendees deserve to buy tickets straight on Facebook, share your event with their friends, and also include it to their Facebook calendar. To obtain started, go to “Add to Facebook” (under “Marketing”).

Check this prior to you start:

Before publishing your occasion, evaluation the following:

☑️ You're anadmin of a Facebook web page. You can't usage an individual profile or Facebook group.

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☑️ Facebook’s checkout collects names, email addresses, billing indevelopment, and extra terms. Facebook’s checkout won't collect any kind of various other information, consisting of any kind of custom questions.

☑️ After adding your event to Facebook, you'll have the ability to edit your Facebook event on Facebook (simply prefer various other Facebook events).

☑️ Facebook's checkout won't let attendees pick seats (booked seating events only).

☑️ All events publiburned on Facebook are visible to the public.

1. Go to "Add to Facebook" and attach.

To gain started:

Go to Manage my events in your account. Then pick your event.Go to Add to Facebook (under Marketing).Select Connect to Facebook and also log right into your Facebook account.

2.Choose your Facebook web page.

If you don't check out all your Facebook pperiods, go to Facebook andcheck the permissions on the application. Make sure that the application has actually accessibility to all your Facebook pages.

3. Add a location.

If your specific area isn't accessible, pick the ideal alternative. Then, adjust the attend to to the correct one on Facebook after publishing the occasion to Facebook.

NOTE: Even virtual events need a location so Facebook have the right to collection a time zone for your occasion. This area won't be displayed to attendees.

4.Choose ticket forms.

When you publish your occasion to Facebook, you can also add tickets to your Facebook event. Attendees will be able to use Facebook's checkout to register for your event.

You need to include paid or cost-free ticket kinds (not donation).Your occasion need to be in-perkid (not online).Passist tickets must usage Payment Processing.Your event can't usage team registration.Your tickets need to be visible.

You have the right to still publish the event on Facebook even if you don't pick any kind of ticket forms. In that instance, your Facebook event will restraight attendees to your event web page.

NOTE: New ticket forms you create on aren't immediately included to your Facebook occasion. You deserve to add more ticket kinds to your Facebook event after publishing.

5.Optional: Add co-hosts to your event.

Co-hosts have the right to invite human being and also edit your Facebook occasion. Search for their Facebook page in the search bar to add them. Co-hosts have to confirm your request on Facebook.

6. Recheck out your occasion summary and publish your occasion.

Resee your event description to confirm it is correct. Make any type of transforms you need, then click Publish once you're all set to go live.

7. Visit your event listing and also accept the co-hold research.

To own the occasion on Facebook, you need to accept the co-hold repursuit. Click the link to watch your occasion listing. Then click Accept.

After you accept the co-hold request, you have the right to edit your Facebook occasion, and also the web page you schosen web page will be the hold.

8. Optional: Edit your Facebook event.

From Add to Facebook

Click Remove from Facebook to delete the occasion on Facebook. This isn't feasible as soon as you've marketed tickets with Facebook.Click Edit to change your description, co-hosts, or ticket forms.

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For any kind of various other transforms, click the link to visit your occasion on Facebook. You have the right to modify your Facebook event from there.