eBay doesn’t need an introduction. The digital shopping huge has actually been roughly because 1995, and also it has actually regulated to tempt 182 million users international so much. The famous website facilitates sales in between consumers, yet it likewise allows businesses to set up accounts and sell their wares. 

To make shipping simpler, eBay presented eBay Labels.

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This business is intended to allow sellers to save time and also money by printing their shipping labels directly from eBay’s webwebsite. 

How Do eBay Shipping Labels Work?

eBay wanted to ease the shipping and handling procedures for sellers. As per their webwebsite, making use of eBay labels is 24% cheaper than retail shipping expenses. It permits users to manage all of their labels from one area, with tracking indevelopment immediately uploaded and sent out to the buyer. 

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eBay shipping labels occupational with FedEx and also USPS. The USPS services available with eBay labels include:

Domestic Services to Street & PO Box Addresses

International Services

Parcel SelectPriority MailMedia MailExpress MailFirst Class Package ServicePriority Mail Express InternationalPriority Mail InternationalFirst-Class Package Internationwide Service (FCPIS)First Class Mail International

How to Use eBay Labels?

If you require assist with making use of eBay shipping labels for the items you offered, here’s just how it works:

Log in to My eBay with your credentialsGo to Sold and uncover the item that demands to be shippedClick on Print Shipping LabelType in the parcel’s weight and also dimensions (you have the right to use eBay’s shipping calculator for assistance)Choose a carrier and also your wanted methodHit Print Shipping LabelPut the label in a visible place on the package

Labels deserve to be printed out in mass, and also if your printer doesn’t execute the project correctly, you have the right to reprint the label at no extra charge.

In case you print out a USPS label yet end up not making use of it, you have the right to void the label and also get your money ago. 

How to Get the eBay Shipping Label Refund With slrfc.org


eBay is a substantial platdevelop. Finding your means in the sea of devices and also features that you don’t require can be challenging even for those that are rather computer-savvy. When you print out an eBay label, however for some factor, the sale doesn’t go via, you don’t want to let that money go to waste. 

Secure your remoney for the unused USPS shipping labels from eBay via slrfc.org and conserve yourself some time and money. Our remoney strategy was developed to match your consumer demands through a simple yet reliable process. 

You won’t have to waste your power googling the appropriate actions to gain that remoney from eBay’s customer company. slrfc.org’s individuals have the right to finish this job from our application in simply a few moments. You can begin making your life less complicated by creating a profile on slrfc.org’s website in a web internet browser. When you log in, follow these steps:

Find Chargeago Instantly on the homepageProvide your financial institution details as soon as promptedAnswer a few even more concerns around the USPS eBay label purchaseConfirm your identity and also signature to complete your refund request

That’s it—no angry emails and also no waiting on the phone forever before. When you submit the repursuit, your personal team of AI lawyer bots will take care of the refund on your befifty percent by sending a dispute letter to your bank and eBay. In case you have to strengthen your claim, our application have the right to administer pertinent Visa and MasterCard codes and also regulations to encertain your success. 

How to Get a Remoney for Shipping Labels on eBay Using Alterindigenous Methods

eBay doesn’t offer a plethora of options as soon as it comes to acquiring your money earlier for voided USPS labels. You have the right to find available methods in the table below:

Can you request a refund via

Yes / No










Voided Shipping Label Refunds on eBay’s Website

To void the USPS shipping label and gain your money ago using eBay’s webwebsite, you will require to:

Go to My eBay and also sign inClick on Sell in the optimal appropriate cornerFind Orders in the Seller hubSelect Shipping LabelsLocate the item that you have to sendHit the Actions column and pick More ActionsSelect VoidState the reason for voiding and also, if necessary, type a message for the buyerConfirm by clicking Void shipping label

Refunds for Shipping Labels on eBay Can Get Complicated


Voiding USPS shipping labels on eBay comes via a strict time constraint. After printing out the USPS label from the eBay Labels business, you have actually just five days to invaliday it and get a refund

In concept, it all could sound great and also straightforward, however in fact, multiple eBay users reported troubles through requesting refunds for voided USPS labels. One seller on eBay digital community’s website reported that the only means to obtain a remoney is by calling eBay customer support prior to voiding the label virtual. 

If you carry out it before calling the support, you could acquire directed to USPS reps who will certainly tell you to contact eBay, and you will acquire stuck in a never-ending customer assistance loop without seeing your money ever aobtain. 

To avoid going through such hell, play smart, and repursuit your remoney via the slrfc.org application.

How Long Does an eBay Void Shipping Label Remoney Take?

According to the eBay Labels page, refunds for void shipping labels are processed back to the seller’s PayPal account within 21 days. Tbelow is no point out of various other develops of payment or remoney possibilities other than for PayPal.

With slrfc.org, You Can Fight Bureaucracy the Easy Way


Getting a remoney for void USPS shipping labels from eBay is simply among the things that slrfc.org deserve to execute for you. Our app is a great tool for taking care of various other eBay worries favor acquiring a typical eBay buyer’s remoney, a partial refund, eBay gift card refunds, and also also preventing eBay emails!

If eBay is not the only company you should fight, don’t issue because our devices occupational via various other businesses. We can administer help also in situations when providers have a no-remoney policy. 

slrfc.org, as the world’s first robot lawyer, set customer advocacy as the top priority. This pocket-sized superhero of customer rights handles even more than refunds and also chargebacks. 

Our app deserve to help reduced your bills, sheight annoying spam emails, fight cyberstalking, or provide counsel in instances of landlord harassment or sexual harassment.

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Do you want to enjoy a free trial without worrying around charges to your financial institution account once the trial expires? Use our digital crmodify cards! If you desire to eliminate unessential monthly costs for assorted solutions and also entertainment platforms prefer Netflix or Spotify, slrfc.org deserve to cancel them with no fuss. 

Do you require more? Not a trouble considering that slrfc.org has actually a vast variety of tools and functions that deserve to make your day-to-day administrative problems disshow up in the bconnect of an eye.