There is a little bit of trouble when you attempt to run mods in Terraria. The game was made to run on its very own and also via the exceptional work of the community, there are tons of content to be consumed consisting of some high quality of life improvements that only mods have the right to do.

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Running as well many type of of these mods can reason Terraria to crash especially with texture changes.

Tbelow are mods choose the “Legend of Zelda” or “Dragon Ball Terraria” that make the game run even more points that were not accounted for by the developers. On some occasions, this will cause your game to crash.

Terraria is a little bit (pun intended) different when it pertains to allocating even more RAM to a Steam game which will all be explained below.

This overview will teach you how to alsituate even more RAM to Terraria and run all the mods you can without crashing as long as they are compatible.

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Explaining RAM or Memory Usage in Terraria
Installing tModLoader 64-little Thunstable Steam
How to Make Terraria Use More RAM

Explaining RAM or Memory Usage in Terraria


Just by the look of the game and just how it is played, it have to be basic to run for nearly any type of RAM mounted on your computer. Terraria is a 2D sandbox game that is fairly equivalent to the old platprevious games in the ’90s.

In short, Terraria need to not take much of your complete memory capacity. The game runs in 32-bit which suggests that the total memory that have the right to be provided for the game will certainly be at 4GB.

With so many points going on at the very same time, the game must still run perfectly fine. Even if you have a large base through automated switches for farming while being assaulted by the Destroyer through 3 various other friends (all happening on the same screen), it must still run fine.

In my individual endure, the only time you would need even more RAM alarea for Terraria is once you have installed mods made by the neighborhood to add some quality of life functions or adding even more entertaining content to spice up your civilization.

Installing tModLoader 64-bit Through Steam


The tModLoader has currently been imposed in the added content side of Terraria. You have the right to search for it in the Steam’s store and you will be able to downpack it for free if you have Terraria on Steam.

Download all the mods you desire to fill and also make certain you are making use of tModLoader. It is basically the game’s mod manager to make points simpler.

After finishing downloading and installing, you still need to perform another download which is the 64-little bit “mod” that you must run via tModLoader.

How to Make Terraria Use More RAM

As abovementioned, Terraria is a 32-little bit game. That suggests the total memory provided for the game will be maxed out at 4GB. If you go all over over 4GB, Terraria will certainly crash.

To usage all the mods you desire in the game, you must modify your Terraria file to a 64-little version. Tright here is a straightforward method to execute this and also you will certainly have to make a couple of installations and a folder to drag inside your installed Terraria folder.


Downfill the 64-little tModLoader from the forums page and also select the proper (latest) variation for your present Terraria variation. Unzip the file “tML 64 (current Terraria version)” and also pick a destination for the folder inside.

Open your tModLoader folder by looking with your set up Steam library folder. You have the right to uncover it by going with Steam > steamapps > widespread > tModLoader.


If you are having actually trouble finding it, you have the right to right-click the tModLoader straight in your Steam library. After right-clicking, go to control and also pick “browse local files”. This must open up your tModLoader folder (it is worth noting that this is not your Terraria folder).

After opening the tModLoader folder, drag all the documents from the unzipped file (64-little bit tModLoader you downloaded from the forums) and also paste it inside. You need to pick “replace all files” and also end up the copy.

To check if it is working, you have the right to open your tModLoader (not the Terraria game) to launch Terraria. It will certainly open up a command also prompt however you just must wait for it to pack everything.


Once it opens Terraria and also starts loading your mods, you will watch on the lower-left edge that it is running in 64-little bit. It need to look somepoint like the photo above.


Once you are running the 64-bit version of Terraria, you should be able to usage as much RAM as you have to run as many mods as you can (of course, they need to be compatible via each other).

They have thousands of mods created by the community and it breathes brand-new life into the game if you have currently finished the conventional version.

You have the right to likewise account for hosting the server with your friends because you will certainly require even more RAM for hosting. The same principle goes in learning how to allocate more RAM to a Minecraft server.

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This is why changing Terraria to 64-bit is a need to when you should allocate even more RAM to Terraria. Just remember that you must wait for updates constantly for the tModLoader if ever Terraria updays their game aacquire.