To include a measure to the finish of the item, press Ctrl+B (Mac: ⌘+B), or from the food selection select Create → Measures → Append Meacertain. To include multiple steps, press Ctrl+Shift⇑+B (Mac: ⌘+Shift⇑+B) or usage the food selection Create → Measures → Appfinish Measures....

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Select a meacertain, then press Ins or use the food selection Create → Measures → Insert Measure to insert a new empty meacertain before the selected one. To insert multiple measures, push Ctrl+Ins or use the menu Create → Measures → Insert Measures....


Select the measure, then press Ctrl+Del (Mac: ⌘+Fn+Backspace).


To modify the properties of a meacertain, right-click an empty component of the meacertain and also pick Meacertain Properties....

Meacertain properties dialog


The Visible residential or commercial property enables you to present or hide the notes and staff lines for the existing meacertain. The Stemless residential property allows you to show or hide all note stems for the present meacertain. Notes that commonly have actually a stem such as fifty percent notes (minums) and also quarter notes (crotchets) only show the note head when noted as stemmuch less.


The Nominal duration is the time signature that is displayed on the score. You can readjust the Actual duration of a meacertain to anything regardmuch less of the time signature presented on the score. Generally, the nominal and actual duration of a measure is the same. However before, a measure (e.g. pickup, anacrusis) have the right to have actually an actual duration that is shorter.

In the figure below, the quarter note (crotchet) pickup has a nominal meacertain duration of 4/4, however an actual duration of 1/4. The steps in the middle have both nominal and actual durations of 4/4. The free measure via just a dotted half note (dotted minim) at the end has an actual duration of 3/4.

incomplete measures


An "irregular" meacertain is not counted in the meacertain numbering. Typically a pickup measure is marked as "irregular".

Add to measure number

You have the right to additionally usage the "include to meacertain no." alternative to affect the measure numbering. You can enter positive or negative numbers here. Please note that this affects succeeding procedures. A value of "-1" has the very same effect as marking a measure irconstant.

Layout stretch

You ca rise, or decrease horizontal space between notes via this choice.

Repeat count

If the measure is the end of a repeat, you deserve to define just how regularly it is played.

Break multi-measure rests

This building separates a Meacertain rests at the start of the selected meacertain. This option should be checked before you turn on the "Create multi-measure rests" alternative in Format → Edit General Format.

Multi-steps are immediately broken at essential breaks, such as rehearsal marks, time alters, double bar lines, irregular steps and so on.

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Numbering automatically numbers the initially meacertain of each mechanism, yet even more numbering alternatives are feasible. From the main food selection, choose Layout → Edit Style. In the left pane, choose "Numbers". In the bottom half of the best pane is the "Measure Numbers" ("Bar Numbers") area.

Mark the checkbox alongside the "Measure Numbers" ("Bar Numbers") to turn on automatic meacertain numbers.Mark "display first" if you want the first meacertain numbered.Mark "all staffs" if you want numbers on all staffs. Otherwise, only the peak staff of each mechanism mirrors meacertain numbers.Choose to present numbers on "every system" which numbers the initially meacertain of each line, or show numbers by "interval" and also specify the dimension of the interval. For instance, an interval of 1 numbers every measure; an interval of 5 numbers eincredibly fifth meacertain.