Emojis are an excellent means to make your videos and comments stand out from the rest. You may additionally be able to catch the attention of millennials and boost your YouTube and Google ranking. Beginners have the right to usage emojis as a great strategy to enhance YouTube SEO performance and gain ahead of others. Experts imply using emojis wisely; that is not to overpack or spam entirety titles or comments via smileys!

Here are some good means to add YouTube comments emojis:

Part 1: How to Type Emojis in a YouTube Comment on Windows

Here are several means to form emojis in YouTube comments. Follow the instructions below to compose YouTube comments via emojis:

1. Adding Emojis to YouTube Videos on Windows via Keyboard


If you are using Windows 10, then you deserve to usage the key-board shortcut to open up the emoji symbols. Press Windows + ; (semi-colon) or Windows + . (period) to open the emoji keyboard. And you will see the emojis.

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Currently, tright here are 6 forms of emojis you can add on Windows, including smiley deals with and also animals, people, celebrities and objects, foods items and plants, transportation and also locations, and signs.

You deserve to then click the emoji that you’d favor to include to the YouTube video straight.

2. Copy and also Paste Emojis from Websites


One of the easiest means to include emojis to YouTube comments is to copy-paste them from an emoji database. You have the right to right-click the emoji and then choose “copy.”

Now, go to your YouTube comment and also right-click aget. Scroll dvery own and click “paste” to use the emoji.

Here are some of the ideal websites to downfill emojis that you may need. In these websites, you deserve to acquire a selection of smileys and icons to usage for your YouTube comments. You can begin with smiley encounters that aid you express many emovements. Then you can acquire emojis of objects favor cars, hills, drinks, fruits, bells, guitars, and more.

The list is simply endless, and also you will certainly never before confront any shortage of emojis.

Part 2: How to Add Emojis to YouTube Comments on Mac?

Mac users enjoy a broad selection of emojis without any kind of hassles and also have the right to easily add emojis to comments they kind on YouTube. Just follow the procedures listed below to add emoji to YouTube comments.

You can pick any type of emoji from the emoji resources website and also ctrl-click your computer mouse to copy it. Now, navigate to your YouTube comment and ctrl-click your mouse. Click on “paste” to include the smiley to your comments.

If you want to usage your key-board, select the emoji and press “Command” and also “C.” Now, push “Command” and “V” to paste the emoji in your YouTube comment.

Your emoji is now added to your YouTube comments.

You deserve to also use your Mac’s inconstructed emojis in your YouTube comments. Start inputting your YouTube comment and also then usage your key-board shortreduced Command + Control + Space to accessibility the emoji list.

You have the right to currently double-click on any emoji to include it in your comment. The totally free emoji lists are full of smileys, animal faces, day-to-day objects and things, sporting activities emojis, vehicles, and even more. and more. You will certainly find an emoji to suit eextremely comment you type on YouTube.

If your Mac has a Touch Bar, then you have the right to tap the smile confront and also then tap an emoji to add to YouTube video comments.

YouTuber Javier Mercedes has actually made a quick tutorial and presented many more ways to typing emojis on Mac. Check it below and also find the ideal way based upon your choices.

Part 3: How to Add Emoji to YouTube Comments with TubeBuddy?

TubeBuddy is a suite of tools for YouTubers to flourish their success. You deserve to access a variety of tools, including YouTube comments emojis to improve your visual appeal. It is a cost-free browser expansion that you can add to Chrome, Opera, Firefox, and more.

TubeBuddy provides a big repertoire of emojis and also smileys for you to use in your YouTube comments. In addition, you don’t must copy-paste anypoint. The plugin allows you insert emojis from a list with a click. Here are the actions to include emojis to YouTube comments using TubeBuddy:

Tip 1: Install TubeBuddy

Visit the TubeBuddy website and install the plugin for your browser. TubeBuddy is obtainable on both Chrome, FireFox, Opera, and Edge, as well as iOS and also Android tools.

Tip 2: Sign in to YouTube

Sign in to your YouTube account to permit TubeBuddy access to your comments. You will certainly find the TubeBuddy symbol alongside the YouTube search bar on your internet browser.

Step 3: Add Emojis at Commenting

A window through a list of emojis will certainly appear on YouTube as you form your comments. You can choose any type of emoji and add it to your comments.

Types of Emojis in TubeBuddy

TubeBuddy is house to a large arsenal of emojis. You won’t uncover many type of emojis anywhere else on the internet. All emojis are grouped under categories like smileys, places, food and drinks, buildings, and also more.

You deserve to conveniently select a category and then include emoji to YouTube comments. The tool additionally adds new emojis day-to-day.

Bonus: How to Add Emojis to YouTube Video Title and also Description?

You have the right to add cool emojis to your video titles and descriptions for even more creation. People will certainly likewise be even more most likely to pick your video as they pop-out on the search outcomes or playlists.

Here is just how you deserve to include emojis to YouTube video titles and descriptions:

You have the right to accessibility any type of list of YouTube comments emojis and pick the one you favor. Then usage your computer mouse to copy the emoji and also paste it right into your YouTube titles and description. Or press “Ctrl” + “C” for Windows and “Command” + “C” for Mac to copy your emoji.

Now go to your title or description and also push “Ctrl” + “V” for Windows and also “Command” + “V” for Mac to paste the emoji.

FAQs about YouTube Video Comments

Are Emojis Harmful to Use for YouTube?

We all have heard rumors of using emojis in YouTube video titles or comments may damages views or reputation. However before, it’s not true, and emojis have no negative consequences on YouTube.

Rather, you deserve to entice even more viewers and also even improve YouTube SEO by making use of emojis. Google likewise permits emojis in search results, and also data mirrors they rank better. You can usage emojis for YouTube with complete tranquility of mind.

In my opinion, tbelow will be no harmful results on your views, subscribers, or credibility. Instead, you might have the ability to appeal to a younger crowd and obtain more clicks.

Will adding Emojis Impact YouTube SEO?

Many type of people don’t usage emojis in their YouTube videos, fearing an unfavorable impact. But all the rumors out tright here are simply rumors without any kind of fact. YouTube doesn’t penalize you in any method if you usage emojis in comments, titles, or descriptions. You will certainly not experience any type of penal actions by including emojis on YouTube.

Google is also friendly with emojis, and many websites usage them to stand acomponent from the crowd. Using emojis on YouTube deserve to be a great method to enhance your SEO performance. Your videos will also have actually a possibility to present up on Google outcomes and YouTube. Emojis likewise aid your videos look innovative to attract in even more views.

Final Thoughts

Using emojis in YouTube comments is an excellent way to increase the popularity of your videos. You have the right to additionally usage emojis in your video titles and also descriptions to show up more innovative. Furthermore, emojis can enhance your YouTube SEO performance and also help you rank on Google search outcomes.

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Copy-pasting emojis is an easy method to use them, yet you can likewise go for other techniques. TubeBuddy is an excellent option if you desire to get rid of the totality copy-paste scenario and encompass more types of emojis in your comments straight.