Pretty Little Liars: 5 Times Aria Acted Like A Typical Teenager (& 5 She Was Wise Beyond Her Years) On Pretty Little Liars, Aria Montgomery was very mature for her age and went through a lot in Rosewood. But sometimes her behavior was a bit juvenile.

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While the main characters on Pretty Little Liars handled break-ups and tough classes like every other high schooler, they often acted much older their age. Aria Montgomery, in particular, had times when she was very mature along with moments when she didn"t fully grasp the severity of the situation that she was in.

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While Aria did follow her gut instincts and do the right thing on occasion, there are many examples of her following her heart, acting blindly, and not thinking about what consequences could come up. But through it all, Aria Montgomery was never boring.

Aria hated learning that Ezra was previously engaged to a woman named Jackie Molina. She tried to blackmail Jackie and Jackie fought back, which could have been terrible for Aria.

This was a moment when Aria was a typical teenager, as she didn"t anticipate any problems coming up, and she thought she had the situation under control. She was being too naive as she really knew nothing about Jackie and what she could be capable of.

9 Wise: Kept Her Dad"s Affair Quiet

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It was great that Aria"s parents got married again before the show ended, but at the beginning of PLL, Byron and Ella"s marriage was very messy.

In a flashback scene, fans learned that Ali and Aria found Byron kissing another woman, Meredith. Aria kept this affair quiet for a little while, as she wanted to give her dad time to fix his mistake and re-commit himself to their family life. She could have screamed at him and told their mom, but instead, she chose to stay out of it and let her parents deal with their own problems. This was fairly mature.

Although it"s hard to ignore the fact that Ezra was years older than Aria, the couple is beloved by viewers and they did live happily ever after.

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When Ezra and Aria began dating, though, they snuck around and Aria didn"t tell anyone about what was going on. This was definitely a time when she acted like a teenager, as she felt that she knew best and that no one could give her any advice or tell her what to do. At first, she didn"t even want her best friends to know the truth about who she was seeing.

7 Wise: Worried About Her Brother Mike

Aria and her brother Mike didn"t have a perfect sibling relationship, as he wasn"t always forthcoming about what he was thinking or feeling.

Aria was always wise and mature when dealing with Mike, though, as she could always tell when something was up. She knew he was withdrawing from the family after he learned about Byron"s affair, and when he hurt Ezra after learning about his and Aria"s relationship, Aria tried to calmly talk to him. No matter what was wrong, Aria attempted to help and be a shoulder to lean on. She was never too caught up in her own problems to notice how he was doing.

There was some evidence that Aria could be A.D. and it was definitely shocking when she became part of that team.

Sydney asked Aria if she wanted to join, and Aria said yes, thinking that it was the right thing to do. This was another perfect example of Aria acting like a typical teenager. She knew that she was in danger and that she could actually die as a result of this decision, but she wanted to ignore the consequences and go with her gut. Aria was often passionate and spunky and this was a time when she didn"t want anyone to know what she was up to.

5 Wise: Could Tell There Was More To Jason DiLaurentis

There were some times when Ali"s brother Jason seemed creepy, but he was only a mystery because no one took the time to get to know him.

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Aria saw beyond what people gossiped about and made an effort to be nice to Jason. She would often talk to him and they even dated for a brief period of time. This is a perfect example of a time when Aria was mature and acting wise beyond her years. Most people were content to listen to the Rosewood rumor mill and judge Jason without getting to know him.

Many characters on PLL committed acts of betrayal, and Ezra and Aria weren"t always kind to each other.

In season 3, Aria learned about Ezra"s ex-girlfriend Maggie, and instead of talking to Ezra about it in a cool and calm manner, she spied on Maggie and lied about who she was. When Maggie confessed to Aria that she had Ezra"s baby, Aria decided not to tell him. This was really immature and definitely the wrong decision. That was important information and Aria shouldn"t have gotten in the middle of it.

3 Wise: Tried To Help Spencer During Her Tough Time

Spencer became addicted to pills on Pretty Little Liars and she relapsed a few times in the show"s seven seasons.

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In season 4, Ezra told Aria that Spencer was struggling, and Aria did the right thing by talking to their other friends about it and setting up an intervention. She could have kept quiet or gotten mad at Ezra and said that it wasn"t true, but she was mature and knew that something was wrong and that Spencer was hurting.

The liars were all grown up in the last season of the show and it was interesting watching them leave their teenage years behind. In season 6, the girls graduated from high school and set their sights on a world beyond Rosewood. Aria got an internship in Los Angeles and figured that Ezra would be happy and would want to go with her.

Aria was shocked when Ezra said that he was going to Thailand instead, but she should have realized that he might have his own dreams and ambitions.

1 Wise: Stood Up For Herself And Her Friends When Ali Came Back

It was really difficult when Ali came back to Rosewood in season 5, especially since the liars had to grapple with Ali"s place in their friend group.

When Ali wanted to be the Queen Bee she always had been, Aria and the other girls wanted to stop that familiar dynamic. Aria and her friends stood up for themselves, which was very smart, and they knew that Ali didn"t have all the cards anymore.

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